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What shops to check for sales

Summer sale season is here again. One question I regularly get asked is "which web shops do you recommend?". As the sale season is here again I decided to renew my post from last June and list some shops I personally use to check out quite regularly. Some of them have already started their sales. Some haven't but they are definitely worth keeping an eye on during the upcoming weeks. Here are only a few and then in the end you will find a couple of links that are also worth of taking a look for some more tips in terms of shops and sales to check out.


Spiga3 / Linnegatan 2 / Rose&Born / Vaatturiliike Sauma / Trunk Clothiers  

Casual wear

Frans Boone / End Clothing / Aspecto / Bureau Belfast / My o My / Opumo
All the shops mentioned here carry a wide range of quality garments. Most shops not just casual wear but also accessories and some tailored clothing).


Drake's LondonBerg&Berg / Exquisite Trimmings / Malford of London
Sales are always seasonal. Especially in terms of accessories one should still pay attention for timeless pieces. Keep an eye for bags, nice ties or pocket squares featuring solid color and patters. Some of the sales are already on but for example Berg&Berg will start theirs on the week of January. Drake-s-Natural-Indian-Sunrise-Print-Wool-Scarf - Drake's London

For "everything"

Mr. Porter started their sale today. 


Finally - for web shops in general I recommend to check out this "Verkkokaupat"-thread at which includes a lot of links to different shops. Some of those are also listed in my earlier post in here. And if you want some updated info about the sales that begins or are updated in terms of the sales percents there is another thread about that -Yleinen vinkki- ja linkkilanka". The forum is in Finnish but I guess everyone can go and see the links to have some help in this matter.

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