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Spiga 3 and the man behind the store

Even though Stockholm is still probably the center of menswear in Nordic countries, it’s definitely not the only place where you can find full range of quality products for style aficionados. 

I’ve never been in Gothenburg but as soon as I have the time and chance I will pack my bags and head there. One reason for that is Spiga 3, a store  that just this fall took a huge step and opened their own web store making the goods available for all of us not able to visit directly at the shop.



Adam of Spiga 3 giving the final touch for the mannequin. Be sure to visit both - Adam’s own and Spiga 3’s tumblr-blogs.

The product range and brand list the store carries is one that’s going to look good alongside with any other shop, especially if you’re a fan of Italian and a bit more laid-back style menswear. Names like Cantarelli, Boglioli, Eleventy, Drumohr, Finamore, Herno, Pantaloni Torino, Salvatore Piccolo and Santoni will ring a bell for anyone. In addition there’s a bunch of interesting but (yet) not that well-known names such as Poggianti and the most recent addition to their selection, G.Abo (Napoli).


A true staple - chunky light grey roll neck sweater by one of the best knitwear makers in the world Drumohr


Striped BD-pullover from Mauro Grifoni, perfect for laid-back casual combinations.


Very nice brown calf leather double monks by Santoni


Italian-made denim by Pantaloni Torino

Last January at Pitti Uomo I shortly met the owner of the shop, Jonas Ericson (we were actually at the same time taking a look of Mr. Ignatious Joseph’s collection), a very friendly guy possessing a huge amount of knowledge and experience of menswear industry. Recently, in the middle of all the Christmas and year-end hazzle Jonas was kind to take his time and answer few questions relating not just only Spiga 3 but his own background and style as well.

Who are you?

My experience within the fashion industry is extensive as I have been working as a sales agent, producer, distributor, buyer, retail manager and owner.

Throughout my professional career, I have concentrated my work within the upgraded menswear field. In the beginning, I did act as an agent representing strong international brand names and fashion suppliers on the whole Scandinavian market.E.g. Christian Dior, Reporter, Pancaldi, Nani Bon among others. Before Spiga 3, I have owned and managed two other upgraded men´s stores in the center of Gothenburg named; Peters Dandy and Kungsgatan 9B. In connection with this, I have been involved in the Ittierre Group representing part of their brands and for Falber, I did act as their market coordinator for Husky and Richmond Denim. Before I started in the fashion business, I did work at the Trading House of Elof Hansson, attending a trainee program in the Machinery Department, with focus on the pulp and paper industry.

How would you describe, what are the “corner stones” of your own style?

The corner stones of our/my style has always been a very Italian look and Italy has always been the base for my inspiration. However, my personal interpretation of tody´s "new classics" is with a touch of sportiness towards the casual side. I would like to say that our style is very much as e.g. Cuccinelli and Eleventy.

Spiga 3 has pretty wide collection of “the most wanted” menswear-brands but you also carry some brands that are not so “well-known”, how do you come up with the brands and selection?

At Spiga 3, we always try to find new brands which we are alone to offer in the Scandinavian market or at least in Sweden. We do not want to follow a general trend and to have the very same brandnames as is offered in other stores. This is of course much more complicated but it is a way for us to offer something different and to stand out in the competition. However, we do also focus on well established brands which are so to say "most wanted" brands and with whom we have established a solid and deep relationship with. Through the cooperation with these strong brandnames, we can set the course and identity of our shop and to make our product mix even more interesting, we do mix with more unknowned smaller and upcoming brands, in the very same segment of the market but with a different twist.

How would you describe Spiga 3-style? What would be the one thing that differs you from other menswear-stores in the Nordic countries?

As described, our profile is much more Italian compared to other Scandinavian stores and we do also have a more casual but still dressy look compared to our colleagues.

Your one and most important style advice for men?

It is difficult to give a general style advice but it is to interpret fashion so it will fit with your personality and life style and when you build your wardrobe, keep it homogenious so most garments and accessories fit with each other.

Winter sales @ Spiga

Finally few of my personal favorites from the selection of Spiga. It’s also worth mentioning that they just started their winter sale.

For example most of the Boglioli and Salvatore Piccolo items are -40% and all the G.Abo stuff -30%. Keep an eye also for further reductions on rest of the stuff, there are definitely some really good deals on hand.


Double-breasted overcoat by G.Abo. This would make an awesome business jacket. Unfortunately my size has run out.


For weekends and other casual occasions I’d choose this quilted down jacket by Herno. 


Dark blue winter flannel from Boglioli. Suitable for business and the jacket will work as a blazer in more casual outfits.

Pics via Spiga3.

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