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SuitSupply stepping up the suiting game - Jort collection

"Classic, yet playful". That's how Jort Kelder, "the face and frontman" of Suitsupply's new "Jort"-line describes the collection that was released in November 2013.

Suitsupply Jort - new player on the game

The Jort collection itself consists mainly of suits and jackets that feature full canvas construction, hand-sewn pleated shoulders (La Spalla Camicia) and horn buttons. Flannel and moleskin trousers with side-adjusters and as a rarity, buttoned cuffs. All garments are made of high quality materials from the famous fabric houses like Vitale Barberis Canonico, E.Thomas and Harris Tweed.

The shirts in the collection are made of Egyptian cotton (by Thomas Mason) featuring as well hand-stitched pleated shoulders, hand-made button holes, mother-of-pearl buttons and wide-spread collars.

In addition to suits, overcoats, sport coats, shirts and trousers the collection is complemented by accessories such as silk-cashmere socks, cashmere gloves, suspenders and velvet slippers.

Photo by Carli Hermés.

Photo by Carli Hermés.

I decided to pick out a few of my favorites from the collection.

Suitsupply Jort - Navy chalk striped suit

Classic and elegant chalk-striped three-piece perfectly made for business. The neapolitan shoulders and patch pockets makes it possible to wear the jacket as well by itself.

Suitsupply Jort - Grey business suit

Being one of the most restrained pieces of the collection this plain gray birdseye suit made from fine S140s wool is an easy choice to combine with blues and browns.

Top quality craftsmanship - still reasonable prices

Suitsupply has most of all been known as a brand that offers good quality for one’s money. Especially in terms of lower price range. But this collection is a step to take their game into a new level.

The collection can not be said to be “cheap”. At least if compared to the normal price range of Suitsupply. Still, even though I have no personal experience of the products yet but just based on the pictures and the readings of descriptions regarding the construction, details and materials of the Jort-line, these pieces are likely on pair with something you usually still pay a lot more. So in general it can be said that the company has managed to maintain their ability to offer a product that is definitely respectable in terms of the price-quality-ratio.

Suitsupply Jort - Navy Blazer.

Every man needs at least one good navy blue blazer. This is a good option for that purpose.

Suitsupply Jort - Double-breasted and chalk stripes

Suitsupply Jort - double-breasted suits

More double-breasted options, which are definitely the core part of the collection in my opinion. Again the soft shoulders and patch pockets make them very versatile.

Suitsupply Jort - shirts

Hand-stitched gussets, MoP buttons and wide-spread collar - just the way you should like your shirt to be.

Check the full collection from here.

“You shouldn’t be too serious about clothes, but a good story about the origins of a piece should be told.” -Jort Kelder"

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