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G.Abo Napoli - Between formal and casual

I recently got myself a new sport coat by Italian G.Abo. Today I take a bit closer look of the brand and the new jacket I got.

G.Abo is a Italian small family company. They offer quality products with decent amount of handwork and very detailed finishing. And they this with very reasonable price range. This might make it to be attractive especially for those who value and appreciate Italian style and that little sprezzatura.

Finealta flannel trousersWearing Gabo Napoli

G.Abo - Made in Italy

G.Abo garments are made in Naples, Italy. It is shown in their products as they in most pieces want to underline the traditional characteristics of Neapolitan tailoring. The suits and jacket for example feature spalla camicia shoulders, barchetta shaped breast pockets and even the "one button sleeves".

In terms of structure and quality G.Abo garments are very lightweight and usually unstructured. They have jackets featuring all three, fused, half- and full canvas structure. But even when fusing is used, the jackets are extremely lightweight in terms of structure and overall feeling. In general the style of G.Abo is a bit younger and more modern than many other classic manufacturers from Naples. This is shown for example in the length of the jacket. Gabo jacket are usually a bit shorter when compared to the "classic jacket length".

The sizing is also on the tight side of the scale. I personally wear a size 48 and for reference, in many other brands such as Larding, Tombolini, Lubiam and Boglioli I wear 46. Wearing Gabo Napoli - 2

Where to find Gabo Napoli?

At the moment the G.Abo does not have any kind of a website or web shop of their own. But in case you are heading to Milan you can pay them a visit at their showroom in Via Manzoni 43. By opening a location in Milan they wanted to give easier access to their products for buyers, journalists and even customers who don't necessarily travel to Naples where the company and its production is located.

In addition, I don't know many places selling G.Abo pieces. In Florence you can find them from a store called Milord and if you happen to travel to Seoul - head to Finealta which is the exclusive retailer of G.Abo in Korea.

There ain't any retailers for Gabo in Finland but in Sweden they do have two. Spiga 3 is located in Gothenburg and Gabucci in Stockholm. Especially Spiga 3 is carrying a nice selection which is worth to check out. Gabo Napoli details - 2

G.Abo Napoli checked sport coat and flannel slacks

My recent piece by G.Abo is the pictured sport coat in a semi lightweight wool fabric with a blue and brown overcheck. The model is called TOTO, it is unconstructed, unlined, features two patch pockets, soft shoulder structure, 3-roll-2 buttoning and as usual only one button on the sleeves.

In my book the jacket is optimal to wear for those semi-formal office days when you don't need to be fully dressed up but you need to go for something dressier than denim and knitwear. Here I have paired it with a light brown roll neck sweater, 5-pocket slacks in mid-grey flannel and brown calf double-monks. This is a combination that could perfectly suit the definition "between formal and casual". Gabo Napoli details - 1Carmina double monk shoes

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