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G.Abo Napoli - Between formal and casual

I recently got myself a new sport coat by Italian G.Abo. Today I take a bit closer look of the brand and the new jacket I got. G.Abo is a Italian small family company. They offer quality products with decent amount of handwork and very detailed finishing. And they this with very reasonable price range. This might make it to be attractive especially for those who value and appreciate Italian style and that little sprezzatura. G.Abo - Made in Italy G.Abo garments are made in Naples, Italy. It is shown in their products as they in most pieces want to underline the traditional characteristics of Neapolitan tailoring. The suits and jacket for example feature spalla camicia shoulders, barchetta shaped breast pockets and even the "one...

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Casual Easter - white with purple

Time to head back to work and office tomorrow. Before that a set from the past weekend featuring this time a bit more color than usual. Color in celebration of Easter - how to wear purple As said many times - wearing bright colors should not be an end in itself but of course sometimes there are occasions that it is alright to wear some a bit more bold. An Easter could be described as that kind of occasion. As we on Saturday headed for a coffee to the city I decided to test my new G.Abo Napoli sport coat and trousers by Rose&Born which I also got last week from alterations. After some contemplation I decided to combine them...

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DLA - October inspiration

As it’s already October one can say that the fall is eventually now here and winter is starting to be pretty near. Days are getting shorter and the amount of light decreases significantly. On the other hand it means that one can get the overcoats and more heavier suits & sport coats from the closet and start to play with layers again.  Starting the week with a few things and pics that I’m personally inspired by and enthusiastic at the moment. When it comes to ties one can pretty easily go with basic rotation of silk ties (including knit ties, grenadines and shantung for example) through the year. But having some seasonal additions is a good and easy way to make...

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