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Wedding looks via Rose&Born

Summer keeps getting closer and closer and that means wedding-season is almost just around the corner as well.

In case you already have occasions booked at your calendar (I luckily will have at least two) here’s few inspirational outtakes by Swedish Rose&Born.


If the invitation says “black tie” - this is your way to do it. If it says something else, forget this.



Dark grey is a safe choice, double-breasted jacket brings it to be a bit more distinguishable. Also the collar pin makes the ensemble a bit “dandyish” but as weddings are suppose to be joyous celebration, it’s definitely acceptable.



Maybe the most “traditional and essential” option of the ones pictured, blue single-breasted suit together with a white shirt. If you want go “all the way basics” replace the floral tie with a silver / grey grenadine. I would drop the ticket pocket and make sure there’s no collar gap though.



In case you happen to get invited to a “beach wedding” this could be the perfect attire. White cotton suit with patch pockets (pretty casual) paired with peach-colored shirt and creamy knit-tie. Just be sure you also have the perfect tan as these colors will not look against pale skin.

Also, here you can find my short notes about wedding essentials from last summer.

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