Scandinavian simplicity combined with Italian craftsmanship and tradition

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Outfit of the week - Checks and blues

Back in business again. Past week was the first one at work after my summer vacation and I started it by wearing an attire featuring a checked sport coat with blue suit trousers, grenadine tie and a classic white pocket square. In other words, quite a simple business attire. I will try to make this as a new "serie" for the blog and post every week one new outfit. These posts will be more picture-oriented than most other posts. But I will also try to include to them some links to my earlier posts regarding the same kind or otherwise relevant subjects. The checked sport coat with blue suit trousers I have earlier written about how wear suit trousers with sport...

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Week in Naples - part II

Naples is the regional capital of Campania. And it is the third-largest municipality in Italy after Rome and Milan. This summer I finally got to visit the heart of Italian tailoring and craftsmanship for the first time. Now it is time for the second part of the short series of photos showcasing our trip. Or at least what I wore for the trip. As mentioned in the first part, I am not going to give you any traveling tips here. But instead I will try to give you some inspiration on what to wear for casual summer vacation by sharing the attires I wore for our trip. Day 4 - light blue and brown On the fourth day of our...

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Week in Naples - part I

Summer is soon coming to end. At least here in Finland. We spent the last week of vacation in Italy and this time instead of Florence or Milan we traveled to Naples. In addition we spent some time in Capri and Sorrento. And those are just beautiful places. If you ever have a chance, go and see them yourself. At this point I am not going to give you any traveling tips though. Instead I will try to give you some inspiration on what to wear for casual summer vacation. Naples was sunny, hot and humid. So basically I could have managed by wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for the whole trip. But in a city like Naples...

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Classic wallets and craftsmanship - Mastery co in review

Every man needs a wallet. But the things that you prefer when you are choosing one differs. I have always been more fond of a bit bigger, classic wallets instead of smaller card holders for example. But as said that is a matter on preference. Today I am taking a look at a new handmade wallet I got a while ago and the craftsmanship behind the piece. Nowadays I very rarely do any reviews of products made by others. Even though I still get a lot of inquiries and proposals from different brands and makers. There is no particular reason for that, but when your time is limited, you need to cut something out.  But sometimes something particularly interesting comes...

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The brown linen suit - summer essential

A simple blue, brown or tobacco linen suit is a classic piece in men's wardrobe. You could even call it a summer wardrobe staple. This summer I decided to add this classic to my own rotation. And well, the brown linen suit has already been my most worn suit for the season. The fabrics you want to have in your everyday wardrobe when the temperature rises should be breathable and comfortable. And naturally natural fibers are better than anything else in the hot seasons. And when you talk about breathable fabrics, linen is in top of that list. Therefore it is also one of the most popular choices for summer tailoring. In general linen suits especially in earthy, subdued colors are a great...

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