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5x white linen shirt

Sun starts to shine, one might get rid of socks while wearing sneakers or loafers and winter jackets are put on hold. As the spring and summer keeps coming it means people are starting to think lighter. Materials such as heavy flannels and tweeds start to feel a bit too muggy and everyone are looking something more lightweight and something more airy. Something like linen.


Linen shirts - underused option

When it comes to summer and lighter fabric options linen is the choice that most of times is highlighted. However what usually is underlined are jackets (sport coats & blazers) and trousers. Linen shirts for some reason do seem to be considerably much less used option.

However, when it comes to linen shirts I think the light and delicate, wrinkly nature nicely adds texture and can give you a much more interesting casual look - for example when combined with some denim or even with a sport coat made of linen as well. Linen is also great for hot weather as the weave and texture of the fabric is airy and open, allowing your skin to breathe and feel much cooler than under for example some more thick cotton fabrics. 

I know some guys are worried about wearing a "wrinkled shirt" - as you don't really iron your linen shirts. It might not feel comfortable wear one in the office worrying what other people might think. However I would suggest to try and you might even end up to enjoying it. And if you just pay attention that your shirt fit you like it should, I bet most of people will not even notice the wrinkles - at least not in any negative way. Of course, linen shirt might not - even during summer - be the best option to wear for those most formal and straightforward business meetings.

I need to admit it, I personally haven't been that much of a fan of love linen shirts myself. This summer I'm thinking about to make a change here.

5 white linen shirts for spring and summer

And then, as usual five options to check out in case you are looking for a new white linen shirt (or more) for the upcoming season. A few choices covering both ends of the price range. Just remember, when going a for a white linen shirt that one can not bleach linen as the harsh chemical really destroys the fibers. So be careful and take care of your shirts.

Glanshirt - a part of Italian Slowear group offers an option for those looking that proper #menswear-choice. A bit "washed look" linen together with a spread collar makes this a good option to be paired with that light colored denim and some linen patch pocket sport coats.
Finamore offers Italian casual wear as it's best. A navy unstructured blazer, crispy cotton chinos and this shirt - buttons unbuttoned - you are set for a relaxed and chic summer weekend.

Japanese Kamakura offers more affordable options for those looking a linen button-down shirt. The collar roll in these is top notch and the made-in-Japan quality should satisfy even though your standards would be higher than average.

British Gieves & Hawkes is more known for their suits and dress shirts but for this season Mr. Porter seems to be carrying a military inspired white linen shirts featuring buttoned chest pockets and arm tabs. The shirt is versatile as it can be worn just like that under a cardigan or even a sport coat but it can also be worn as a "shirt jacket" over a t-shirt combined with some denim and sneakers.
Once again, for those looking a shirt on a budget Uniqlo is the answer. For around 35 euros it brings unbeatable value - I only hope they would make the collar to be a bit bigger. But in case you are not going to wear your shirt with a tie, this does not make such a big difference.

Pics on top via Pinterest.

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