Scandinavian simplicity combined with Italian craftsmanship and tradition.

Balmoral boots for different occasions

Balmoral (dress) boots are not the most common sight on the streets. But still it is time to give a little more attention to this elegant and smart shoe type. If you wear a suit to work on daily basis, I suggest to have at least a pair of dress boots in your rotation. I start the reviews of fall and winter boots from the formal end of the range. I personally have two pairs at the moment. One pair made of brown calf leather by Grenson and one twot-tone pair made of espresso calf and purple suede by Alfred Sargent. align="alignnone" Alfred Sargent two-tone Miller balmoral bootsGrenson balmoral boots in light brown calf leather.Enzo Bonafè Balmoral boot in Dark Cognac Cordovan.Meermin brown balmoral boots - antique oak calf mixed with a brown country calf grain Antique oak calf mixed with a brown country calf grain shaft by Meermin. Original post from September 2013. Post updated 31.8.2016.

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