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5x Spring essentials

It’s once again that time of the year when everyone are thinking their spring (and maybe already summer) essential-pieces. So did we as well at and here’s what I personally came up with.


This is one my all-time favorite photos (from Pitti Uomo, by The Sartorialist). Capturing most of my own essentials for this spring.

Blue blazer

Well, it doesn’t really matter what season are we talking about - this one belongs to every list. It’s only a matter of construction and materials. For spring I personally favor lightweight wools or a bit “washed look” cotton. In the pictured jacket by Boglioli there’s 2% of elastane which makes it a bit more “soft” and easier to deal with for example when traveling.


If one is looking something a bit more special, this indigo-gyed linen-cotton mix version by Italian Gajola could be a right choice. Some say indigo is the new black… I’d combine this with light colored denim.


Suede (penny) loafers

Another classic choice in addition to the blue blazer. In Finland the weather might not be suitable for loafers yet, but it won’t take long before you can pull your pair from the closet.

The thing I like most about loafers is the versatility. They can without any problems be paired for example with a slim-cut cotton suit as well as with a pair of denim or even shorts.

In terms of loafers there are multiple choices to choose from. Alden pennyloafers are iconic but I would also check out at least Wildsmith and Meermin. In case you’re living in Helsinki, check out Sauma for some Carmina models and Fere’s selection of Crockett&Jones.


Anything off-white (or cream)

As said in the newest edition of Mr. Porter Journal, use of off-white and cream colors are a great way for any men to show one’s sense of style.

Whereas pure white can sometimes be hard to pull of and too dominating (in the same way than black), off-white is an optimal color to balance and tone down any outfit. It goes perfectly with shades of blues, brown or olive green for example.



Field jacket

I think I had this on my list last year and I will have it now. Field jacket seems to enjoy the full support of #menswear-scene and I see no reason to change this working piece of spring wardrobe.

Even though field jacket has it’s roots in the military, I’m personally more fond of a bit more modern (slimmer cut) versions of the model. If you are looking for one, check at least AspesiTCNY and in case you’re looking something a bit more traditional - American Alpha Industries.

This season I’m laying my eyes on this one made by Aspesi for Frans Boone which is a replica of the Canadian army field jacket, recognized by it’s turned chest pockets (contrary to the square chest pockets used on US field jackets) and “vintage” look that’s a result of  30 minute stone wash treatment. The jacket comes with a down filled liner.



A quality carry-on bag

Next week I’ll be heading to New York, in April to Amsterdam and then there’s some other work- and leisure-related trips in the near future. And what would be a better way to relax than have fly away for the weekend? 

Whenever traveling, it should be done with style. Not only in terms of your clothing but your luggage as well.

My personal favorite is German Rimowa, which definitely is one the most interesting and most valued players in the field. Their designs are simple, yet elegant and all the pieces are made of high-quality materials featuring top-tier finishing.

As always, your bag must however be in line with your overall style. Other brands and manufacturers worth checking out are at least Globe-Trotter, Louis Vuitton and in case you’re looking something a bit more rugged and casual, American Filson.


You can find my post in Finnish (with some more details) from here.

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