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Berg&Berg S/S ´14 collection in review

Couple of months Norwegian Berg&Berg launched the first pieces of their S/S ´14 collection. I mentioned it here and outlined few of my personal favorites.

One interesting point regarding Berg&Berg is that they don’t release the whole collection at once but add new items to the store every now and then. Some pieces of the collection has already been sold out but just this week some nice grenadine ties were added to the selection. So it’s worth every now and then to keep an eye on the site even though you wouldn’t find what you’re looking for in the first place.

Also got a chance to couple of things from the collection to get a bit more closer look. As I didn’t have earlier experience of their grenadine ties or of their knitwear, I decided to give them a try.

Grenadine in burnt orange

As mentioned before, all the Berg&Berg ties are handmade in Naples, Italy with Italian fabrics (basically silk, linen and cotton for the summer). Some of them are fully lined, some are unlined and some have interlining but come with unlined tip. My choice for a tie this time was a “burnt orange” textured (grenadine) silk  one(which is actually sold out at the moment), 8cm wide and fully lined.


I’m personally really fond of grenadine ties and as I had no earlier experience of these ones, I was very keen to give them a try. In terms of price (68 euros) Berg&Berg is quite inexpensive when compared to many other brands on the market. Most of the models available combine a main color (such as orange) with navy silk yarns to create an end result that difference a bit from most of the grenadine ties you see from other brands. One could say that you wouldn’t say them to be grenadine if you didn’t know it beforehand. In terms of texture the navy blue yarns give the ties more depth and flavor. 

It's been said many times that how a tie feels when you take your first handle of it is a good indication of the quality. Another thing, even more important is the fact how the tie can be knot. This is one of the best sides of Berg&Berg ties - the knot ties nicely and it keeps it’s shape during the day. The tie is lightweight but thanks to the lining firm and sturdy enough to keep it’s balance.

Overall I’m satisfied with the result and in terms of the “feel good factor” I’ve mentioned before, this definitely pass through the sieve. I will in the near future get a chance to have a closer look of some other S/S collection ties from B&B so I’m looking forward to that and will report more as the time comes.




Cotton Baseball Cardigan

As said by Berg&Berg themselves, “a staple in every wardrobe - a light cardigan in washed cotton, perfect for layering under a sports coat or to wear on its own”. Without earlier experience of Berg&Berg knitwear I ended up with this navy blue cotton baseball cardigan.


The cardigan is made of 100% Italian washed cotton and knitted by a family company in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The pre-washed cotton gives the cardigan a nice kind of airy and lightweight feel and makes the blue color to be “alive and vibrant in real. With 111 euro price tag this is definitely a reasonable option for anyone looking for a new cardi.

In terms of fit it’s slim and fitted but definitely too tight or skinny. I personally chose to wear "small” so I’d say these are basically true-to-size and one can safely go with their normal sizing.


As it’s spring time in Finland and the weather keeps getting warm and warm I think this kind of a cardigan is a perfect piece to have in one’s rotation. It’s easy to have as a layer under your jacket or a sport coat but one can easily use it as it’s own over a t-shirt or a button-up. I personally consider this to be as it’s best when paired with light colored denim or sand colored cotton slacks - versatile and fine casual combo to enjoy the warm spring days.



Berg&Berg x DLA

Finally, I’m happy to have Berg&Berg as a new “sponsor” or a partner of DressLikeA. I really appreciate the work Mathis and Karin are doing and consider them to be one the most interesting and attractive accessories-brand on the market, especially considering the “price range x quality ratio” of their products.

You’ll find the banner to the site of Berg&Berg from the side panel of the site.

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