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Berg&Berg S/S ´14 collection in review

Couple of months Norwegian Berg&Berg launched the first pieces of their S/S ´14 collection. I mentioned it here and outlined few of my personal favorites. One interesting point regarding Berg&Berg is that they don’t release the whole collection at once but add new items to the store every now and then. Some pieces of the collection has already been sold out but just this week some nice grenadine ties were added to the selection. So it’s worth every now and then to keep an eye on the site even though you wouldn’t find what you’re looking for in the first place. Also got a chance to couple of things from the collection to get a bit more closer look. As...

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Summer accessories - courtesy of Berg&Berg

Couple of months ago I wrote shortly about the Norwegian Berg&Berg and the launch of their S/S ´13 collection. Recently I was kindly asked by Mathias and Karin if I was interested to pick few items of their collection and give them a try. And of course I was pleased to say yes.   The first and probably the hardest thing was to make the choices as the collection itself very inspiring and versatile, full of wearable choices. I made a decision to give Mathias a list of few items I was keen on and let him do the final picks for the items he felt best represented the collection. For my surprise he actually did send me all of the...

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My first made-to-measure suit - "Sauma private label"

In the end of last year as I visited Sauma they told that they had got a new made to measure-option (in addition to Mabro, Sartoria Rossi and Willworst) to their selection, which was basically going to be made under their own name "Sauma private label". I was at the moment in the process of looking for a new suit for work so I decided to give it a try as I also wanted to take a step from of off-the-rack suits which very often gives me problems due to my short arms and a bit problematic body figure to mtm-suits to see what kind of a difference does it make.   The process begins... ...By putting on a "trial suit",...

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D.C.I Sweden - handmade bracelets from the North

“It shall stand the wear of the eye” Couple of weeks ago I was surprised to be approached by Daniel Ingdahl, the man behind D.C.I Sweden, a Swedish company producing high-quality accessories for men. They wanted to know if I was interested to give one of their bracelets a try. As I had been seeing pictures of them (have actually posted some pics of them myself as well) and as I had been willing to see how they would be in person for a time now, it was easy for me to say yes. D.C.I has been running for several years (designing kitchens, producing bicycles etc), but began creating hand-made bracelets and other accessories for men a couple of years ago. At...

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