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Cardigan for fall and winter

Cardigans are great for when you transition out of summer and into fall. Or out of winter into spring. Lightweight cardigan gives you an additional layer of warmth for the days when when it's sunny, but still slightly chilly. And they are a good way to layer and bring little variation to your attires. Recently I wrote about shawl collar cardigans and how they are staple pieces in men's wardrobe. But in terms of cardigans, shawl collar is not the only option. In this post I take a brief look at the other option you have to step up your knitwear and "layering game". How to wear brown shantung silk tie with cardigan and jacketHow about dressing down by replacing your three-piece suit jacket with a cardigan? Inspiring color-play with the tones of brown and burgundy. Pic by The Sartorialist. The days are getting colder but this one is simple yet effective. A basic white tee with a grey cardigan, personalized with a colorful scarf. Pic via Drake's London.

Sum up - 5x Cardigan

In terms of cardigans for layering under sport coat or suit jacket, I would stick with restrained colors. Although it can be a way to bring some bold contrast into your outfit. For that check my post about
orange cardigan with blue sport coat. As a sum-up as usual, five choice to check out for this season. brown-merino-wool-cardigan-bergberg

1) Berg&Berg

Berg&Berg recently updated their collection of knitwear for the season. This merino wool cardigan is a versatile choice to adding softness to a smart office look. Or to add a smart touch to a casual weekend look. Perfect for layering under a sport coat or to wear on its own. In case you looking for the same look but a more affordable option check out Uniqlo. For this season they have once again have great bang-for-the-buck options made of merino wool available. isaia-burgundy-cardigan

2) Isaia

For fall colors like bottle green and burgundy are great choices to bring a little contrast to your outfit. This wool-silk-cashmere blend cardigan by Italian Isaia is perfect to layer underneath your charcoal suit. Finish the look with some black double monkstraps and, striped shirt and navy blue grenadine tie.

bottle-green-sleeveless-cardigan-suitsupply 3) SuitSupply

Does wearing a cardigan under a sport coat make you feel too hot and uncomfortable? But you would still like to have something as a layer underneath your blazer or suit jacket? Try a knitted vest. Made of cashmere this piece brings a little luxury to your daily office routines. And no, don't wear a pocket square with this, even when you are not wearing a jacket. blue-cardigan-manifattura

4) Manifattura

An option that combines knitwear and blazer. The result is something that is casual enough to wear even while having a cozy evening with friends at home. However, at the same time this cardigan is chic enough to put on in case you are heading to have dinner on a Friday night after a hard work week. light-gray-cashmere-cardigan-bruno-manetti

5) Bruno Manetti

Italian casual style at its best. For most people 800 euros for a cardigan is simply too much. Even though this one is made of cashmere. But that does not stop one from visualizing how this would look with a pair of off-white corduroy slacks, brown suede gommino boots and dark blue Loro Piana overcoat.   Original article posted 2014. Updated 19.9.2016

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