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Cardigan for fall and winter

Cardigans are great for when you transition out of summer and into fall. Or out of winter into spring. Lightweight cardigan gives you an additional layer of warmth for the days when when it's sunny, but still slightly chilly. And they are a good way to layer and bring little variation to your attires. Recently I wrote about shawl collar cardigans and how they are staple pieces in men's wardrobe. But in terms of cardigans, shawl collar is not the only option. In this post I take a brief look at the other option you have to step up your knitwear and "layering game". The days are getting colder but this one is simple yet effective. A basic white tee with a...

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What knitwear to buy?

Today I concentrate to knitwear as I recently got the following question: "Hey Atte, it's getting really cold here and so far I only have sweaters from sns herning. can you recommend some other knitwear brands? Thank you!" The question does not really specify what kind of knitwear or with what kind of a budget are you looking for to purchase next. Therefore here are few thoughts and ideas about knitwear in general. Zip-sweater is a good option when looking for an extra layer to wear for example underneath your outerwear. This one by Della Ciana. Three different kind of knitwear sweaters - roll neck, shaggy dog and fair isle This one above is maybe one of the most perfect implementation...

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