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Christmas day Q&A

It’s again been a while since I last posted any Q&A so I tried to gather some of the questions I’ve got during the last few weeks. There will be some individual questions regarding the upcoming sales and outerwear pieces answered separately during the next couple of days.

Q: Found your website when I was looking for retailers who carry The Gigi. Can you help? p.s. love your website



There’s not that many retailers I would be aware of but here’s a few. Especially BR-online carries pretty wide selection of GIGI but if you are in Europe, there are still some options to check out.

Frans Boone Store / Kafka

G&B Negozio

And then there’s at least Gabucci in Stockholm (and Milord in Florence) that carries The GIGI stuff but they do not have an online shop.

Q: Hi there. Love the blog. Fantastic inspiration. I’m thinking of getting the Bexley Enfield boots and wondered how they fit? I heard they run a little large? Thanks in advance


Maybe you have already purchased the boots but if this does not come too late, I would say that yes, they run a bit large but I wouldn’t size up though. I’m normally 6,5UK (40EU) and my Enfields are marked as 6,5UK (EU40). I was wearing them just today and there is enough room for either an extra insole or for a bit thicker sock in case it’s cold outside (as it has been today here in Helsinki). So my advice would be to go with your normal size.


Q: Hey Atte! Quick question concerning finealta cuz I know you are a big fan - how are the wool slacks holding up (if you have any)? Also, how accurate are the measurements on their website? Can you compare the fit to any other brand’s line? I usually wear a 31 (sometimes less) in pants, for example slim fit chinos from JLindeberg, so I’m not sure whether I should go for 30 or 32…


Yep, I am a fan - or actually I would say that I like them as the fit and aesthetics are both very much to my liking. And Hugh, the guy behind the brand is one of the most friendly guys I’ve got the chance to met.

At the moment I have one pair of their wool flannels (Madison) - in addition to two pairs of denim and one pair of chinos - which is in my current rotation and so far they are holding up pretty nicely. 

In terms of sizing I’d say the measurements at the website are quite accurate. There can be a little variation but generally my pairs have been as given. Compared to some other brands, I have no experience of J.Lindeberg I would say the fit is pretty much on pair with Incotex and Berwich - although the rise is a bit higher with Finealta (which I think is a good thing). The little amount of elastane also helps even though the fit otherwise would be quite snug. So if you are not “too muscular” and you like your trousers to fit “tight” I would go with 30. But in case you happen to have thighs like a hockey player I would probably go with 32 and then just alter the trousers from other parts if needed.

Hope this helps. Their current line (f/w) is not available for international customers but hopefully the upcoming spring and summer line - featuring the new models that can be seen at their website will be bookable in Europe as well.


Q: Hey what color goes with blue corduroy pants?


Blue is always quite a safe bet as there is a lot of colors that goes fine with it. I assume you are talking about quite dark blue as it’s a color for trousers and in that case the range is wide as said. In terms of shoes you can basically choose anything from different shades of brown to black.

For the upper body and in terms of knitwear or sport coats I would firstly again go with different shades of brown - especially with dark brown. Also mid- or light grey are suitable options.

In terms of button-up shirts (or t-shirts) stay in simple colors such as white or light blue.

Finally if you want some other colors than these basic brown and grey - try deep (rustic) orange, wine red or bottle green that all works with dark blue. But these colors are basically suitable only for knitwear - so don’t try an orange blazer. But if you find something deep green jacket in donegal tweed, pair that with your trousers and with a grey roll neck - that would definitely work.

Also - regarding colors and combining them - take a look at this post “About colors - what goes with what” I wrote a couple of years back.

Q: Hi Atte, i need your advise! I want to buy Loafers, which one you advise me to buy? Meermin or Sanders?


Well, those are both good options and there’s of course many others than can be added to the list (depending on the budget).

It also depends what kind of a loafer are you looking for - something with tassels or strings for more #menswear-kind of wear of just basic and classic penny loafers. In terms of quality I would say Meermin and Sanders are pretty much on pair and on the same level so it’s more a question about what kind of a shoe are you looking for.

If you want something a bit more classic I think Sanders Madrid could be a good choice. The last in these is bit more “round” and they are suitable to wear with some dark denim and polo-shirts or casual knitwear for example. Another option from Sanders could be the Finchley tassel loafer.


On the hand - in terms of leather and color options Meermin has quite a many options to choose for. Meermin loafers are made on their “classic line”-standards which also makes them a bit cheaper compared to Sanders for example. In my opinion their tassels and string loafers are definitely worth of trying especially when you look at the price.


So I can’t really give you a straight answer which brand to buy as there are good options from both brands - however if I would be buying loafers at the moment and the choice would be made between these two - I would go with these Meermin dark brown calf leather tassel loafers as they are something I’m missing from my selection.

Q: I am fairly new to the world of “gentleman’s fashion” and just found out about your great blog. I have a huge faible for pocket squares. Unfortunately I am not sure, how to store them properly and hope that you could give me your opinion and advice. At the moment I have them all folded twice, but somehow I think, this might not be the best for the material or am I wrong? Thanks a lot in advance :)


Well, the way you are storing them now sounds quite reasonable and “acceptable”. I keep mine pretty much the same way - folded in a shoebox actually in my drawer. The negative aspect in this is that it can create visible creases to the squares. That can be avoid by putting them to box unfolded - but in case you don’t have room for that and you have creases you don’t want to show while wearing the square you just need to iron it a bit and that can be done at the same time you iron your shirt before heading out in the morning.

Then there is of course other kind of options such as this pocket square rack by Kent Wang in case you want to keep you squares hanging and prevent the creases or wrinkles. Some might even do this kind of rack by themselves but I’m not one of those guys though.


And thanks once again for all the kind words, appreciate them a lot!



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