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It's already mid-september but let's not let the summer go just yet as it still seems to be almost 20°C outside. And as I guess the summer will come again eventually - it's just a right time to take one more look at some summer gear before paying all the attention to fall and winter. On the other hand - it might be only Finland where it's getting colder.
Driving mocs with blue blazer and white trousers

Driving moccasin - a shoe for multiple occasions

Even though driving loafers (as they name suggests) might have a history and origin as a shoe for one specific purpose (driving the car), one might nowadays claim that by choosing the right model and wearing it properly, driving mocs are a shoe type that can go a long way in the wardrobe and be worn with more outfits ranging from casual to more dressed up than any other summer shoe, including for example boat shoes, sneakers and other loafers.

They might not be formal enough to be worn for the most formal business meetings but they are certainly dressed up enough to be worn with your cotton suit in the office or for a dinner in restaurant together with a blazer and a tie. They are easy to just put on feet when heading to the grocery store and they are definitely one of the most comfortable choices of footwear for traveling. They can be nicely paired with denim and a button-up and finally they are just the right choice when you are heading out to the beach wearing just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Just remember one thing - whatever you wear your driving mocs with, you really need to wear them without socks.

As mentioned in this post about French shoe manufacturer Bexley - I got the chance to check and try out a few pairs from their range of loafers and moccasins. First in line is a pair of sand colored suede Bahama driving mocs - combined here with a navy blue blazer, denim shirt, light brown raw silk tie and white cotton slacks. Driving moccasins with white cotton slacks

Driving mocs are a good choice whenever you need to go between formal and casual. For example a drink with a friend or a lunch in the city.

Driving moccasins with cotton blazer and trousers
White trousers are easy to mix with the light sand colored suede.
Suede driving moccasins by Bexley

If you want to maximize versatility of your pair - choose a pair made of suede, preferably colored in shades of brown (or dark blue). Also try to avoid too strong and distinctive contrast stitching.

Driving mocs with cotton slacks and denim shirt

In case you feel that a blazer and tie are too much for the occasion you are heading - just drop it off, loose the tie, roll up your sleeves and you’re good to go.

imageimage image image

Sum up

It is a fact that in general driving mocs are shoes built to last maybe one, two or maximum three summers. That's why it might feel hard to invest 300 euros for a pair like that. On the other hand - if one can get a pair that is suitable to be worn with denim, shorts and even a suit for around 80 euros - it might start to sound attractive.

The Bexley moccasins feature hand sewn apron, inlay and back counter, they are leather lined and equipped with removable leather insock (a feature one might appreciate when it's about shoe that is meant to be used without socks) and rubber studded outsole. The last of the shoe is nicely fitted (not too tight or too loose) for my feet and the last even though being pretty round shaped is still elegant enough to be worn even with more dressed-up garments. After around 20 times of wear the shoes are still holding up good and they have managed to get through their first summer commendably.

Considering all this I might dare to say that for the price of 79 euros the pair provides a very good value. Although, when it comes to the selection of the (Bahama) model I hope Bexley will in the future come up with options in shades of darker brown and blue suede (and maybe even calf leather) - also without contrast stitching which I consider makes any shoe to look cheaper.

Blazer: L.B.M 1911 Denim shirt: Massimo Dutti Trousers: Berwich

Tie: Frank Serraicco (mto) Pocket square: Berg&Berg

Driving loafers: Bexley

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