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Blue suit with green knitted tie

Today was just another day after vacation back at the office. Even though not that much meetings on the schedule yet - it feels good to be back in the game. This is what I mainly wear to work, softly tailored suit, button-up shirt and a tie. This time I chose to wear blue mtm-suit with restrained black overcheck. Blue suit with green knitted tie In my opinion knitted ties are a good choice to wear at the office. Especially if you have a bit more casual day. I wear here a dark blue suit in lightweight wool, striped shirt and bottle green knitted. Finally I added a bit of color in a form of flower-patterned pocket square and as the...

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Combining casual footwear - driving mocs part II

Starting this week with the second part of short “series” - how to combine casual footwear - including three sets of wearing different kind of loafers, partly in collaboration with French shoemaker Bexley.  Fall is probably the best season for layering as the weather starts to get a bit colder especially during mornings and evenings but most of days are still warm and sunny. By wearing gilets, scarfs and light weight sweaters or cardigans it’s easy to balance between keeping oneself warm enough and maintaining easy adaptability in case the temperature keeps rising to higher readings. I personally tend to go pretty well into the autumn without socks if possible which makes it even more important to keep my upper body adequately...

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Bexley - affordable shoes with decent quality

Today I take a look at Bexley. A firm that makes decent quality footwear with very reasonable price tags. In my opinion Bexley is one the best companies for anyone looking for decent quality shoes with reasonable price tag. Name Bexley might sound a bit unfamiliar for many. Bexley is a French footwear company, born in 1985 in Lyon. The company is specialized in selling fine and affordable shoes for men. Their main objective is to offer classical and fashionable products at a reasonable price. Most interesting thing about Bexley is definitely the pricing. All dress shoes are priced as 139 euros for the first pair and 89 euros for the second pair. For more casual shoes such as driving shoes, moccasins and...

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Combining casual footwear - driving mocs

It's already mid-september but let's not let the summer go just yet as it still seems to be almost 20°C outside. And as I guess the summer will come again eventually - it's just a right time to take one more look at some summer gear before paying all the attention to fall and winter. On the other hand - it might be only Finland where it's getting colder. Driving moccasin - a shoe for multiple occasions Even though driving loafers (as they name suggests) might have a history and origin as a shoe for one specific purpose (driving the car), one might nowadays claim that by choosing the right model and wearing it properly, driving mocs are a shoe type that...

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