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DLA "gift guide" part IV - what about a little trip?

As it’s only one night before Christmas most of you have probably acquired all the gifts you’ve been thinking to get. On the other hand if you haven’t - the clock is ticking pretty roughly..

However there’s still one option left, one that’s always practicable and one I haven’t ever heard someone would have been disappointed to. By giving a little weekend trip (or a longer one if so wanted) for someone you’re not giving one gift but as well a chance to have a good time together and enjoy the company of each others.

And well, you can always pick a city that’s worth visiting in terms of menswear as well€¦ And if you’re looking a city to go - give these four at least a thought.

New York


New York is maybe the leading “mecca” of menswear. Opening of the new Armoury-store could alone be a reason for a visit. A run in the Central Park in the morning, shopping in the afternoon and burgers in the evening.



The capital of Hungary, a beautiful city that in addition to it’s many Unesco World Heritage sites is the hometown of one the world’s best shoemakers - Laszlo Vass. These shoes are pretty hard to find but if you happen visit Budapest, make sure to check out their shop and showroom.



I might be biased but in my book London is one of the most interesting cities in the world, at least of those I’ve had a chance to visit and in terms of shopping you can pretty much find everything you need from here. If you happen to be going in January, go and see the “American Psycho musical” @ Almeida Theatre.



The city of love is place you can’t go wrong when choosing a destination. Architecture, good food and wine and of course full selection of menswear.

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Pics via the armoury, and archives.

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