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My wish list for Santa

It's almost Christmas again. This year I am not gonna write any kind of "gift guide lists" but instead - like last year - I decided to do a short write-up considering my own wish list for this Christmas. In other words listing of products or things what I'd like to buy for myself. Of course one can read this also as a set of "tips what to buy". So take a look this "DressLikeA"-wish list in case you haven't yet got any ideas and are still looking for something to get for your friends, parents or for your partner. Skincare, grooming products and fragrances Taking care of your body, skin, hair and scent are at least as important as taking...

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DLA "gift guide" part IV - what about a little trip?

As it’s only one night before Christmas most of you have probably acquired all the gifts you’ve been thinking to get. On the other hand if you haven’t - the clock is ticking pretty roughly.. However there’s still one option left, one that’s always practicable and one I haven’t ever heard someone would have been disappointed to. By giving a little weekend trip (or a longer one if so wanted) for someone you’re not giving one gift but as well a chance to have a good time together and enjoy the company of each others. And well, you can always pick a city that’s worth visiting in terms of menswear as well€¦ And if you’re looking a city to go...

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DLA gift guide part III - a (style) book

Is there a more traditional Christmas gift than a book - I guess not. Even though you can find most of the stuff you need to find from the web nowadays, there’s still a place for good old printed books. If nothing else, they can make a really nice play as a decorative element or as an icebreaker whenever you have visitors at your house. On the other hand many people don’t often buy books (as said above, you can find the info from web) for themselves, which makes it still a good choice when thinking about Christmas (or any other) gifts. As usual - few options to help you decide what to buy? Even if it’s not about buying...

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DLA gift guide part II - wrist accessories

As it’s been generally accepted, watch does not need to be the only accessory of men nowadays. And as there’s been more and more brands coming up with wrist accessories, especially gemstone and leather bracelets recently, one can pretty easily find suitable options from different price categories to match their needs. Jewellery is an easy choice - but try to find something that will be on pair with the personality of the person you’re buying it for. Viola Milano bracelets dressed up. DCI Sweden sterling silver made in Sweden - these will go with you for decades. It’s not all about fancy gemstones and jewellery - leather is a perfect option for more casual occasions. After the break 5 DLA options to...

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DLA gift guide part I - Skincare & grooming products

As it’s 12 nights before Christmas I thought I might as well share few ideas in terms of what to buy as a gift - no matter are you looking something for yourself or for someone else. Or what I hope someone would buy me perhaps. There will be 6 posts in total, all taking a look of some specific area, starting with skincare and grooming. Taking care of your (or your loved one’s) body, skin and hair are at least as important as taking care of your clothes - so be sure not to underestimate the meaning of good skincare & grooming products and the way they can make you feel. When choosing a product one need to pay...

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