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Linen blazer to beat the heat

While Pitti Uomo in Florence I had a chance to do three quick shoots featuring days 1, 2 and 3 with Neil Watson of A&H Magazine. Credit and hat tip to Neil, a dear friend and one of the most talented guys there is for perfectly capturing the details.

Double-breasted linen blazer to beat the heat

For the second day I chose to balance between light and darker colors and shades. I wore a lightweight G.Abo Napoli double-breasted blazer made of Loro Piana indigo dyed linen, blue-striped Kamakura button-down shirt and Finealta "diversity" cotton slacks. The dark green checked linen tie from Berg&Berg is partly (but not too much) matched in tones to the string loafers from Carmina. Bracelets are by Viola Milano and D.C.I Sweden.
  Atte14 Photos courtesy of TSBmen and A&H Magazine. Follow DLA via Facebook / Instagram @dresslikea

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