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Tombolini spring and summer 2015 @ Pitti Uomo 86

Before moving on to Pitti Uomo 87 next week there is room for one more review dating back to June - featuring Tombolini, a classic Italian family company that celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Shades of blue and business wear Tombolini has every time at Pitti been one of my personal favorites as they keep coming up with comprehensive collections that cover not only business, formal, casual or some "trendy" parts of their line-up at the booth but the whole selection in a very compatible way. That being said - for the second time in a row it seemed that in terms of the display the company had dropped a part of the more casual stuff, keeping the coverage...

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Buttero - spring and summer 2015 @ Pitti Uomo 86

There’s only a week before heading again to Florence for Pitti Uomo 87. As I noticed there are still some unpublished photos regarding the collections and makers I paid a visit in June I thought they would serve as a good “warm up” for the upcoming fair. So next week will be about those few collections for the upcoming season as well as getting ready to travel. Starting with Buttero - Italian shoe maker that nowadays is best know for their high-quality sneakers. Even though the brand may not be that well-known outside the #menswear and sneaker-aficianados, Buttero already celebrated it’s 40th anniversary with the collection that was seen at Pitti last summer. Spring and summer 2015 - “Dirty white” The “theme”...

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G. Abo Napoli - distinctive Neapolitan tailoring

As a Thursday throwback taking a look of G.Abo Napoli, a brand I guess many people interested in #menswear have heard but still do not much much about. In June while Pitti Uomo in Florence I paid a visit at their "showroom" together with the guys from Sauma to take a bit closer look of their offerings for the next spring and summer season. G.Abo Napoli - neapolitan tailoring G.Abo is a company run by two cousins - Gianfranco and Giuseppe. In 2006 decided to bring back alive an old family company originally founded by their grandfather. By mixing tradition and fashion with a pretty distinctive Neapolitan house style the company wants to offer well-made garments still featuring a reasonable price tag. For...

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Drake's London spring and summer ´15 @ Pitti Uomo 86

Next in line for the short reviews from Pitti Uomo is Drake’s London. Mostly known for their ties, Drake’s is not just the largest producer of premium neckties in Britain (producing around 100,000 ties per year, which includes ties made both under their own name and as private label for other well known brands) but also I dare to say, one of the best and most innovative brands in the accessory business. As being one of my personal favorite my expectations for Drake’s collections are always pretty high. Still - season after season these guys seem to exceed those expectations.           Selection of ties featuring finest silks, wools and linens, harmonized & compatible colors and classic but innovative...

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Pitti Uomo 86 day II - Shades of brown and blue

While Pitti Uomo in Florence I had a chance to do three quick shoots featuring days 1, 2 and 3 with Neil Watson of A&H Magazine. Credit and hat tip to Neil, a dear friend and one of the most talented guys there is for perfectly capturing the details. Here is the set from day 2. Shades of brown and blue - Lardini blazer with Berwich trousers Brown and blue and their different tones are maybe the most easy colors to combine together. The light and dark brown shades of brown in shoes and tie are here brought together with different tones of blue featured in the shirt, jacket, bag, pocket square and again in the shoes as contrasting color....

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