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Finealta S/S ´14

Korean Finealta released their new spring and summer collection last week. I had earlier got some sneak peeks of the collection but now that it's available at the web shop it's time to take a little closer look of my personal favorite in terms of trouser makers.

Finealta spring and summer 2014 - Something old - something new

In the new collection there's three new models in addition to old diversity (regular lightweight cotton chino trousers)  and roadster (5-pocket jeans like chino) which both now comes in new colors. First one of new models is the Traveller - a flannel alike light grey colored pair made of soft cotton-jersey fabric. This is a pair made for (as the name says) for travelers who want to be comfortably but still appropriately dressed while on the run. The model seems to be already sold out on the website but I really hope there will be more pairs coming up. image image

Secondly Finealta have made some new adjustments to their old "cargo" model and come up with a pair called Giacca - a model which details such as the barchetta pockets are inspired by features you normally see in Italian tailored jackets.

image image

Third new model is the so called "David", named according the biblical story of David and Goliath. The denim used in the jeans is locally sourced from Korea and comes with nicely detailed camouflage print inside. If you're looking a pair of "daddy jeans", this is definitely something to take a closer look at. Easy to pair as well with a crew-neck cotton sweater for casual wear or dress-up and wear with a softly tailored sport coat. Closer look of David below.

image image  

Finealta David - closer look

In January while visiting Pitti Uomo I met Hugh - a great guy, a good friend of mine and the owner of Finealta. Before returning back home, I got a package from him - a package that got a pair of new "David" jeans in it. Personally I think all three new models are really nice and something not easy to find from most makers on the market. However if I had to pick one model - it would be David. So here's few detailed pics of the jeans, fit pics are coming up. What I especially like (in addition to the fit, which is perfect for my taste) are the little details of the trousers such as the suede patch in the back and of course the camouflage lining and print inside the trousers. It's pretty easy to guess what will be my "go to"-pair this summer. Finealta denim - David modelFinealta light colored denim Finealta denim - cloth details Finealta denim - details

Finealta denim - details

Also, Finealta just released their new website, which at the moment mainly is in Korean. Worth to take a look though. Last but not least worth mentioning is the fact that they are now offering a free shipping for all orders of new spring and summer models.

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