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13/2015 - Shades of gray

This time the start for week is quite formal - wearing a double-breasted dark-grey herringbone suit by Rose&Born together with a white shirt from A.W Bauer, light grey cashmere tie by Viola Milano and finally black calf leather double-monks by Alfred Sargent.

The only thing not so formal is the double-breasted Gran Sasso down vest. As the sun was shining in the morning and it seemed that the would be warm I thought there was a chance to go without an overcoat.

As you can see here - with shades of gray (featuring a bit of blue, white and black) one can not go wrong. This is one of the presumptions and thesis I will continue with on the write-up regarding "Building up wardrobe" later this week.

DressLikeA - men's clothing and styleWearing double-breasted suitRose&Born suitWearing Gran Sasso down gilet - men's style pocket square Alfred Sargent double-monks


Down vest: Gran Sasso Suit: Rose&Born Shirt (mtm): A.W Bauer

Tie & PS: Viola Milano Shoes: Alfred Sargent

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