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Cotton suit - the most versatile suit

The cotton suit might be one of the most underappreciated garments in men's summer wardrobe. Despite that I had for a long time been thinking about getting one commissioned for myself. Today I am taking a look at the result. A suit might sometimes sound like the last thing you want to put on during hot and sunny summer days. There are still many ways to cool down the look and make it appropriate for the weather. First of all by choosing lightweight fabrics and unlined models one can fight the hear. Secondly, different kind of combinations featuring loafers without socks or even t-shirts with a jacket for example can make a difference. id="attachment_9626" Caught by Karl-Edwin Guerre at the party...

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Brasserie Kämp - Sunday Burgers

Finally it seems that summer is here. Last weekend was sunny and warm, so it was perfect for strolling around and enjoying the city. On Sunday we decided to head to Brasserie Kämp and see if they really serve one of the best burgers in town - as is often claimed. You can find the full review but here are a few pictures of what I was wearing for the day and what we got to eat. Shorts and blazer - casual summer wear I have earlier written shortly about shorts for summer and how to wear them. On Sunday I decided to wear shorts with a button-up shirt and blazer - a combination which in general divides opinions. However as...

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Proper Cloth - smart online mtm-shirts

Today taking a look of Proper Cloth made-to-measure shirts. About 8 months ago I got an email from Chris Callis. Chris is a guy that many #menswear-blog followers might recognize for example as a man behind sites the blog called Men of Habit. Chris offered me a chance to give a try and review some made-to-measure shirts by Proper Cloth - rather young American company I had been keeping my eye on for quite a while. And I happily agreed. As mentioned - it has now been around 8 months since I ordered the shirts. I think now is good time to take closer look at the process and results. Proper Cloth - The Company First a few words about Proper Cloth...

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13/2015 - Shades of gray

This time the start for week is quite formal - wearing a double-breasted dark-grey herringbone suit by Rose&Born together with a white shirt from A.W Bauer, light grey cashmere tie by Viola Milano and finally black calf leather double-monks by Alfred Sargent. The only thing not so formal is the double-breasted Gran Sasso down vest. As the sun was shining in the morning and it seemed that the would be warm I thought there was a chance to go without an overcoat. As you can see here - with shades of gray (featuring a bit of blue, white and black) one can not go wrong. This is one of the presumptions and thesis I will continue with on the write-up...

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