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Getting ready for the fall - new pair of shoes x 2.

As I mentioned about a month ago in my post about the top10 essentials for the fall, chukka boots are absolutely one of the most versatile pair of shoes there is.  

When you wanna go casual, chukkas are perfect match for jeans or cargo pants. Then just complete the look with a sweater & a field jacket and you're more than ready to go.

Secondly, if you need a pair to match with your flannel trousers and blazer (especially on a rainy day), suede chukka boots are still the right answer.

And thirdly, even if you wanna take the golden mean, you can keep your chukka boots on, just change the blazer (or the sweater and field jacket) to a nice and soft cardigan, tie up your tie again and keep going.

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(photo courtesy of Finealta)

Getting new suede chukka boots had been on my list for quite a while. For what I actually wanted was them to be refined and elegant enough to be able to wear with even a suit when needed but still "rough enough" to be worn with denim as well. One thing I also wanted from this pair was that they needed to be available with a dainite sole.

Basicly after going through pics, webshops and models I had  narrowed my choices down to two possible options which were 1) Crockett&Jones Tetbury (In Finland you can get these from Fere) and 2) Loake Pimlico.

Even though I think Tetburys are the most beautiful and stylish chukka boots there is at the moment, after all the thinking and balancing between these two I ended up gettin a pair of Pimlicos (pictured below) by ordering them through Schoffa. So far (I've now used them once) I'm pretty satisfied. The quality of the suede seems to be good, compact and even, the shoes are finished with care and the leather in general is very thick, what I like. Once again I gotta thank Anton for the great and kind service!

The other pair and a choice I was in a way "forced to make" for this fall was this pair of orange New Balance 574 sneakers. For a long time I had been thinking that this is a train I wouldn't jump in. However when I saw this specific pair, I just got to get it. I think these can be a good replacement for the driving shoes and moccasins that I have to put in storage as the fall goes further. I had actually lost my hope as it seemed that the color was already sold out from everywhere. And when I couple of weeks ago spotted them at Zalando, I had to pull the trigger.

Even I'm not sure if I'm ready for the "sneakers and suit"-look that seems to get more and more popular nowadays, I bet these babies will see a lot of use. Though I believe that at least for starters it will happen in a bit more casual environment..

(photo courtesy of P.Johnson)

(photos courtesy of da-i-net)

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