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Wearing sport coat and sneakers

Starting the week with an outfit from past weekend. A casual combination featuring a cotton jersey blazer and runner sneakers - two things all people don't see appropriate to wear together. How to make it work with sneakers and a blazer? Casual weekend wear Sport coat and sneakers, especially runner-kind-of-sneakers are a combination that many object to. Some for aesthetic reasons, some just because there are "rules" that say one can not do so. The first for me is acceptable, not every one can like and be friends of everything. However I personally think it's just all about context, environment and right balance to make this combination work as any other ensemble. How to combine sport coat and sneakers When wearing...

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Casual Sunday in the city

Starting the week with a few shots from yesterday. Though the sun came out every now and then as we were walking around the city, the weather was extremely windy and in the end not really warm enough to go out with just a quilted Barbour jacket and a sweater. Casual and simple for Sunday This is pretty much what I like to wear for those casual days when there is no need to dress up in any way. Light colored denim with knitwear in colors of blue, brown or grey - this time the choice was grey lambswool by Uniqlo. These sweaters are actually a great deal considering the fact that they cost around 25 euros a piece. Sneakers...

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20/2014 - Casual Saturday details

For some little Sunday inspiration a few detail shots from yesterday. Pictured also the Gran Sasso sweater I bought as a Christmas gift for myself on Friday. As you can see, the weekend was fully casual.  Overcoat: Rose&Born Roll neck: Gran Sasso Denim: Weekday Sneakers: New Balance And you can check the full “fit pic” from instagram - @dresslikea.

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Shoe rotation - What is enough?

How many pairs of shoes does a man need?Yesterday as I got the newest addition, a pair of Buttero tanino sneakers into my collection - I once again started to think the question how many pairs of shoes does a man need… The pair mentioned took the overall amount to be around 45 pairs - give or take one or two as some pairs are missing from the pictures which I shot last night. So in general I could probably say that I have my basics covered. I actually haven't  purchased any dress shoes or casual leather shoes for a while now as I’ve been concentrating to more casual options for summer such as superga sneakears, rivieras slip-ons and Nike flyknits.The...

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Getting ready for the fall - new pair of shoes x 2.

As I mentioned about a month ago in my post about the top10 essentials for the fall, chukka boots are absolutely one of the most versatile pair of shoes there is.   When you wanna go casual, chukkas are perfect match for jeans or cargo pants. Then just complete the look with a sweater & a field jacket and you're more than ready to go. Secondly, if you need a pair to match with your flannel trousers and blazer (especially on a rainy day), suede chukka boots are still the right answer. And thirdly, even if you wanna take the golden mean, you can keep your chukka boots on, just change the blazer (or the sweater and field jacket) to...

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