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How to find the right weekender?

How to find a decent weekender bag? I recently got the following question and will now take a loot at some options to consider.

"Hi A! Any recommendation for the weekend bag for men? Brown, and leather one would be the ideal what I'm looking for - but also Mismo's weekender bag seems to be interesting. Do you have any experience of example Suitsupply, Meermin bags? Bag need to be longlasting, and preferable under 1k‚€."

First I need to say that I have no personal experience of Suitsupply or Meermin bags. Might have seen some while visiting at SS but haven't done any closer research. Hopefully I will see some of Meermin bags at their trunk show soon in Stockholm as they look promising. But can't say nothing about the quality.

Secondly, may not come as a surprise but Mismo gets nothing but praise from me. I've been after a new weekender as well and I think that when I finally pull the trigger I'll go with this MS Explorer in blue / brown.  But basically all the Mismo products are made of exclusive and high quality materials + the finishing is outstanding. Even though there's no "full-leather" versions available I'd check them out for example @Opumo.

But as you are going with "semi-high" budget, here are some suggestions that might be worth taking a look.

Ettinger London

Lotuff leather

Swayne Adeney Brigg (SAB)

Aspinal of London

Of course there are brands with bags that are a bit more recognizable and some even equipped with (big) logos (which can be a deal-breaker for some) but they also make products with a high and accurate quality.

Louis Vuitton


And something a bit more robust...

Sandstorm Kenya

Hope you'll find what the right weekender bag you're looking for. Weekender bag Mismo Frank Clegg weekender

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