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Blue double-breasted blazer for spring

One of the best features of double-breasted blazer is the versatility. I have a couple of blue double-breasted blazers in my rotation and I use them a lot. First of all they can be combined with dressed-up cotton slacks and a tie for more formal occasions. But they are also appropriate to wear even with just a roll neck sweater and sneakers.

Last week I wrote about 5 white sneakers to check out for this spring and summer. On Sunday  I decided to pick up my old white Superga sneakers and take them out. And I combined them with some denim and blue double-breasted cotton sport coat.

Lardini wool herringbone overcoat

Double-breasted blazer - combined casually

I bought the pictured double-breasted blazer - made by Suitsupply - a couple of seasons ago. As it is made of cotton-silk-blend featuring a subtle herringbone pattern I feel it's more appropriate for spring and summer wear than during cold winter season. Also the texture and soft structure brings it to casual side of range in terms of formality - so I haven't really been comfortable wearing it in the office with button-up shirts and ties for example. But for a casual Sunday with some denim and sneakers it is pretty much a perfect match.
Suitsupply blue double-breasted blazer
Even though the Sunday actually wasn't that warm yet - it was the first day this spring I decided to go without socks. I have never been much of a fan of wearing socks with sneakers and I think it always looks much better to go without, especially when talking about white, classic canvas sneakers. So if it is warm enough to go with this kind of sneakers, it is warm enough to go sockless.
Blue blazer combined with light brown knitwear

Accessories with double-breasted blazer

In terms of accessories - it is shown here that with a pocket square one can bring a little bit of color and freshness into otherwise quite restrained combination. On the other hand it must be said that in this kind of look the pocket square is not in any case necessary and there are many who would say that it's not even in balance with rest of the outfit. I personally however feel that it's a good add here.
Double-breasted blazer worn unbuttoned
Navy blue cotton sport coat and Monsieur Fox pocket square
White superga sneakers


My “white” sneakers are definitely in need of some cleaning. One of the good side of canvas sneakers is that you can pretty safely just toss them in the washing machine and they will be alright.


Textures from different angles.


Maybe after this week one can take overcoats and other winter gear into storage to wait for next fall and winter.

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