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Wearing sport coat and sneakers

Starting the week with an outfit from past weekend. A casual combination featuring a cotton jersey blazer and runner sneakers - two things all people don't see appropriate to wear together. How to make it work with sneakers and a blazer?

Casual weekend wear

Sport coat and sneakers, especially runner-kind-of-sneakers are a combination that many object to. Some for aesthetic reasons, some just because there are "rules" that say one can not do so. The first for me is acceptable, not every one can like and be friends of everything. However I personally think it's just all about context, environment and right balance to make this combination work as any other ensemble. Casual Saturday style Wearing a rose & born blazer - 2

How to combine sport coat and sneakers

When wearing a blazer with sneakers one can first think that would the ensemble be improved by changing for example the sport coat to another jacket. Here, I could have worn for example some kind of a bomber or other casual jacket, but it would have changed the whole idea of what I had in mind. On the other hand I could have changed the sneakers to suede double-monks for example (the only other pair I had with me for the weekend) but then from my point of view I should have also gone for an other pair of trousers. How to wear casual navy blazer

Dark blue, off-white and olive green always work together.

Casual Saturday details

If you decide to wear a pocket square when you are wearing sneakers - keep t simple.

Vintage Omega Seamaster

Finally below my newest purchase, a vintage Omega Seamaster from 1968. I’ve actually been (quietly) looking one for quite a while now and as this particular piece came available through my colleague I decided to go for it. As far as I’m concerned these vintage seamasters are some of the most versatile options there are on the market. Perfect to be worn with a suit at work but goes as well in more casual combinations. Would probably suit this particular outfit better with a nato-strap than with the brown leather seen here though.

Vaatturliike Sauma mto-trousers

And then the reason we were at the countryside, this little fellow - who despite his size has quite a big ego. Quite much like myself. Wearing a zeebra-patterned “sweater” to keep him warm in the windy weather.

Sum up

So my advice and opinion is this. When trying to find the right balance between smart and casual - build the ensemble piece by piece and think how it looks.

The idea for this look here started with the olive green chinos which I then decided to pair with the off-white roll neck sweater. In terms of color I wanted to add something that goes well with these two so dark blue for the jacket was an obvious choice. And I think everyone can agree that military green cotton trousers, white roll-neck and a navy blazer can easily be combined together and they form a nice basis to "casual" weekend outfit.

And as we were spending our time by the sea at the countryside - I dare to claim that the light sand colored New Balance sneakers were the just right choice to bring all the pieces together - both in terms of color combining and the level of formality. Wearing a rose and born blazer Wearing: 

Blazer: Rose&Born Roll neck: Sand Copenhagen Cotton trousers: Vaatturiliike Sauma Sneakers: New Balance

Watch: Omega seamaster Bracelets: Viola Milano & Ralph Lauren

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