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Isaia Napoli - Pitti Uomo 88

Time to continue the reviews from Pitti Uomo 88 and take a look at Isaia Napoli spring and summer 2016 collection presented in Florence last month. Blues, greens, red and yellow - the collection presents bright color combinations, soft tailored garments and bold patterns, exactly those elements Isaia is well-known for.

Isaia spring and summer ´16 - Neapolitan power

Inspired by the Neapolitan period of Andy Warhol in the late 1970s and the cultural and musical fervor that animated the city of Naples at the time - the collection for next spring and summer by Isaia is named to represent the so-called 'Neapolitan Power'.

From the above-mentioned atmospheres Isaia draws influences for the collection. As usual, Isaia had also modified their booth to showcase this inspiration and for example the imitation of "Vesuvius by Warhol"-paintings adored the walls of the booth. The paintings and thoughts of Neapolitan power also were represented strongly in the collection itself as their color scheme seemed to serve as model for the color palette chosen by the company for upcoming season.

The main material used for the garments featured is linen, nicely and skilfully mixed with materials such as cashmere, wool, silk and cotton. Even though the focus of the presentation laid on tailored clothing, the exceptional comfort was clearly visible and seen through of the pieces chosen for display.

Even though Isaia did not necessarily offer anything unprecedented or mind-blowing - the collection served as a reminder why the company is a must-visit whenever the Pitti Uomo circus hits Florence. Isaia Pitti Uomo 88 - preview 1Isaia Pitti Uomo 88 - preview 2 Isaia Pitti Uomo 88 - preview 3 Isaia Pitti Uomo 88 - preview 4 Isaia SS16 - Pitti Uomo 88 - 1 Isaia SS16 - Pitti Uomo 88 - 9 Isaia SS16 - Pitti Uomo 88 - 8 Isaia SS16 - Pitti Uomo 88 - 7 Isaia SS16 - Pitti Uomo 88 - 6 Isaia SS16 - Pitti Uomo 88 - 4 Isaia SS16 - Pitti Uomo 88 - 3

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