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Isaia Napoli - Pitti Uomo 88

Time to continue the reviews from Pitti Uomo 88 and take a look at Isaia Napoli spring and summer 2016 collection presented in Florence last month. Blues, greens, red and yellow - the collection presents bright color combinations, soft tailored garments and bold patterns, exactly those elements Isaia is well-known for. Isaia spring and summer ´16 - Neapolitan power Inspired by the Neapolitan period of Andy Warhol in the late 1970s and the cultural and musical fervor that animated the city of Naples at the time - the collection for next spring and summer by Isaia is named to represent the so-called 'Neapolitan Power'. From the above-mentioned atmospheres Isaia draws influences for the collection. As usual, Isaia had also modified their...

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5 x denim shirt

After writing on Wednesday about denim shirts I got a couple of questions about where to get them. The question is quite accurate as the limited edition of denim fabrics for custom shirts by Proper Cloth mentioned in the post was sold out in less than 12 hours. So I decided to come up with a few ready-to-wear options to check out in case you are looking for a denim shirt to wear this spring and summer. The picture above - by Gothenburg-based Spiga3 - showcasing a Finamore denim shirt together with a sport coat by Boglioli and Entre Ami cream white colored cotton trousers is a great example of springish way to combine denim. In case you are looking for something more...

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Isaia @ Pitti Uomo 87

Starting the Pitti Uomo reviews from last weeks fair with ISAIA that this time at their booth came up with a display which probably provoked debate among the visitors at least as much as the collection itself - as the walls of the booth were decorated with “paintings” featuring the erotic art and frescoes of Pompeii, presenting the theme “Eros in Pompeii” Isaia fall and winter 2015  - mosaic inspiration As the paintings on the walls of the boot - the collection itself finds inspiration in the beautiful textures and remarkable hues of the frescoes and mosaics of Pompeii. In terms of patterns and looks the inspiration is shown through bold checks featured in overcoats, jackets and suits through the collection...

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19012015 - Checked blazer in the office

As mentioned a couple of times - after holidays and Pitti  - on Monday it was time to get back in the office and regular day work.Started the week with combination between formal and casual - a bold patterned sport coat by Lardini combined with a new addition in my wardrobe - nice detailed grey flannel trousers from Finealta (more about these coming later) and chestnut colored oxfords by Alfred Sargent. As the sport coat itself is bold enough when it comes to office wear - in terms of color I tried to keep the combination restrained and go with no pattern in the shirt, tie or pocket square. Wearing: Blazer: Lardini Shirt: Isaia (mtm) Trousers: Finealta Tie: Viola Milano...

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2014 - Late Monday details from top to bottom

It’s again that time of a year when it’s dark when you leave for work and it’s dark again when you get back home. This unfortunately makes taking any outfit pictures even harder as there is no sufficient light (or decent weather) to shoot outside office hours. However here are some details of starting the week. I quite rarely wear jeans and tie together but when I do - I tend to go with knitted ties, as here. Something dressed up enough for office wear but still casual and textured enough to be combined with denim. In terms of colors safely mixing shades of blue and light brown. Moleskin sport coat by L.B.M 1911and mtm-chambray shirt made by Isaia from Fere. Jeans...

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