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Larsson&Jennings Resurgence Gold & White Watch

For a while I had been looking for a new watch. And I gotta honestly say that even though I’ve tried to go through some watch-forums and look through different possibilities, mainly only thing I still know and care when talking about watches is how they look.

Then while my visit in London a couple of weeks ago I got a more than pleasant surprise when I met Harry and Nick, the awesome guys running Opumo, as they gave me a piece from Larsson & Jennings they’ve just got into their selection.


Larsson&Jennings, founded 2012 is a Anglo-Swedish brand who by their own words are creating luxury watches by fusing Swedish minimalistic design and British heritage.

Basically L&J offers two lines of collections, “classic” and “Resurgence” and difference between the lines comes from the straps used. The Classic collection covers 6 different striped straps (nylon with leather underlay) that are the hallmark of Larsson & Jennings. The straps of the resurgence collection are made of Italian suede, available in 3 different colors.

The brand claim to express their classical values stated above with a €˜clean and minimalistic' dial (with 40mm diameter). As it was something I was basically looking for (clean and minimalistic), I can say that they couldn't have done it better. The watch is both functionally and aesthetically simple, yet elegant. Yes, it's simple. There is no second hand, no date-wheel and the only number you see on the dial is in roman numerals, 12 depicted as 'XII'.



Shortly about the technical things. First the most important feature of any watch when talking about the technics is probably the fact, how well the watch keeps time. It seems Larsson & Jennings have got it covere by using Swiss Quartz movement to ensure the quality and timekeeping ability of their products. The casing of the watch is stainless steel, no more than 0.6cm in thickness.  The glass is made of crystal sapphire, which makes it strong and scratch resistant. And as said in some of the comments I’ve read about the brand, I can agree that it doesn't appear that any corners have been cut in the creation of these watches. The attention to detail is superb, especially considering that we are speaking of a pretty young brand.


Finally, Larsson&Jennings offers simple and smart pieces of accessories with very reasonable and modest price tags. It’s not a panerai or rolex, but if you’re looking for a simple, classic and good looking watch on a budget, I dare to say that L&J provides a lot of value.

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