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3x suede loafers for summer

In my opinion, (suede) loafer is the ultimate summer shoe.  Loafers in general, especially penny loafer is a model that is a classic but has also become increasingly popular among footwear manufacturers (and #menswear aficionados) recently. One of the best features when talking about loafers is the versatility as they can be combined with shorts in summer on one day and paired with a suit on another. Some wear them sockless some add personal style by using socks with multiple colors and patterns. Finally some want their loafers in brown calf leather so that they can create a nice patina, some prefer suede and for one black patent leather is the right choice. As said, loafers are a perennial menswear...

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Larsson&Jennings Resurgence Gold & White Watch

For a while I had been looking for a new watch. And I gotta honestly say that even though I’ve tried to go through some watch-forums and look through different possibilities, mainly only thing I still know and care when talking about watches is how they look. Then while my visit in London a couple of weeks ago I got a more than pleasant surprise when I met Harry and Nick, the awesome guys running Opumo, as they gave me a piece from Larsson & Jennings they’ve just got into their selection.   Larsson&Jennings, founded 2012 is a Anglo-Swedish brand who by their own words are creating luxury watches by fusing Swedish minimalistic design and British heritage. Basically L&J offers two lines of...

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