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Gray cashmere tie - seasonal option for fall and winter

The solid gray cashmere tie is a key player of every business man's wardrobe. It is comfortable to wear, and offers a nice alternative to more common silk ties. You can wear it with a suit or more casual tailoring. In this post I will take a concise overview of how to wear a gray cashmere tie. This post is also a start for new weekly series where I will showcase one of my daily work attires and highlight one piece of the outfit more closely. Gray suit with gray cashmere tieGray cashmere tie with double-breasted suit and white shirtGray cashmere tie with double four-in-hand knot Gray on gray.

Gray cashmere tie - foundation for your business attire

In my opinion most of times tie is the part of your outfit that really should bring the whole attire together. There it's important to feel good and confident while you wear one. It is also important that the tie really compliments the other pieces you're wearing. When I was bought this piece, I was looking for a staple piece to wear at work. I wanted something I could wear with my more formal wool fabric suits as well as with more casual sport coats during those colder fall and winter days. And something that would serve me for a good amount of time. Based on my experiences so far I think I this particular tie is just that. White linen pocket square with gray suit and cashmere tie Here you can see the tie with a gray double-breasted suit. This is a basic office outfit for me for those days when I have some meetings to attend. With shades of gray you can not go wrong. And as the outfit is featuring only white, gray and a little bit of blue, my choice for footwear was a pair of black calf leather double monks. Finally, if you want to see another example of me wearing the same tie, check the post gray suit with gray tie. Untipped gray cashmere tie - details

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