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Gray cashmere tie - seasonal option for fall and winter

The solid gray cashmere tie is a key player of every business man's wardrobe. It is comfortable to wear, and offers a nice alternative to more common silk ties. You can wear it with a suit or more casual tailoring. In this post I will take a concise overview of how to wear a gray cashmere tie. This post is also a start for new weekly series where I will showcase one of my daily work attires and highlight one piece of the outfit more closely. Gray on gray. Gray cashmere tie - foundation for your business attire In my opinion most of times tie is the part of your outfit that really should bring the whole attire together. There it's important...

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How to tie a tie?

How to tie a tie is a topic many guys keep asking and thinking. And actually internet is also full of different guides and even videos about "how to make the right tie knot"? However those videos and guides usually just gives you technical instructions for different types of tie knots. To know the different types and possibilities is important but even more you should focus on the question how to tie a good looking knot and keep in mind that in the end there's no right or wrong way to tie a tie, but only the ways you like to tie it. This is the answer I usually give whenever someone asks me how I like to tie my...

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Printed silk tie with a gray suit

For guys who wear a suit for work 5 days a week a printed silk tie could be claimed as a wardrobe staple. This kind of a tie is an easy way to bring a little contrast and variation to your rotation. They work nicely with plain navy or gray suits as well as they do with more relaxed sport coats or blazers. Small pattern printed silk ties are perfect business ties. If you happen to like them, there are a few things that are good to keep in mind. Chestnut brown / cognac colored cap-toe adelaide oxfords by Alfred Sargent. I've had these shoes for almost 4 years but they are still looking like almost new. Sum-up - printed silk tie goes...

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Berg&Berg summer sales

The sale season is on and Norwegian Berg&Berg - also a DLA-partner -just this morning started their seasonal sale. Reductions are between 30-40%, including almost the entire spring & summer collection of ties, pocket squares, socks, belts, swimwear and knitwear. Taking into account the already reasonable prices there are some really nice finds available. Below are listed some of my personal favorites. Ties It seems that in terms of ties almost the entire spring and summer collection - including silk, linen and cotton ties in various colors and patterns   - are all 40% off and the dotted garza fina grenadine ties 30% off. My personal recommendations is to go for classic colors and patterns - especially the handrolled linen...

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Drakes London - Pitti Uomo 87

Next in line for the short reviews from Pitti Uomo  presenting the fall and winter 2015 collections is Drake's London.The overall theme and inspiration for the collection seems to arise from this idea of “rugged and rumbled elegance” where soft materials and delicate fabrics are combined with casual elements and textures.In terms of ties the collection features a few new materials such as hand printed buff madders, printed satins and woven shetlands. Personally I’m looking forward especially the grenadine ties mixing silk and shetland wool - showcasing a beautiful texture to combine with your woolen sport coats and suit jackets.One of the highlights of the collection for next fall and winter were the Drake’s by Cleeve of London shirting that...

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