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Off to NYC

It’s been years since my last (and so far only) visit in New York. This week heading back to spend few days with #menswear, burgers, friends and sports.

In terms of shops to visit and places to see listing all of them would be impossible. However there are few places I’m really looking forward to visit during the week; some because of the selection, some because of the atmosphere and overall aesthetics, some because of the people and some because of all these…

Carson Street Clothiers

Eidos, AMI, Buttero, Barena, MAN1924 etc.. The brand list itself would make CSC worth a visit. However there’s so much more in this SoHo located shop that just celebrated it’s first “birthday”.

Sharing the same educational and professional background (and the same kind of passion for clothing & menswear naturally) with the founders Brian and Matt just makes my respect and appreciation towards these guys and their achievements even greater.


The Armoury - NY

The Armoury opened their first shop in America - Duane Street, New York - in December. Even considering the endless range of stores and shops available in NYC there’s really nothing that could be compared with Armoury. They offer artisanal products from around the world - bringing to the table unique kind of a selection. Tailoring from Orazio Luciano, dress shirts from Ascot Chang, bags from Ettinger and ties from Drake’s London, just to name a few. Most of all I’m looking forward to see all the garments from Japanese Ring Jacket.



Leffot probably is one of the shops with widest range of high-end shoes there is at the moment; Alden, Edward Green, Corthay, G&G to name a few… They are also hosting a trunk show with British Gaziano&Girling this week, so I’m lucky to get a closer look of their offerings at the same time.



To put it shortly, this place could possibly be described as “mecca” of street style and workwear.



"Quality shirts at affordable prices". Kamakura has got a lot of hype on menswear-forums and blogs recently. Now I got a chance to go and see by myself what’s the fuss about.


No man walks alone - trunk show

Opened last year, No Man Walks Alone is definitely one of the most interesting new comers on the market. They don’t have a shop by themselves but they are also hosting a trunk show during the upcoming Friday and Saturday, so I might consider myself to be lucky. Laszlo Vass mto-shoes and -boots, Inias Meian mto-knitwear, a chance to find some great deals in terms of samples & past collections and most of all expecting to meet a lot of great new guys with the shared interest.


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And in case you have some “must see”-tips in terms of food, drinks (or culture), hit me with an email or a message. 

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