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Visit @ Isaia Showroom - New York

During my trip in New York last month I got the chance to drop by and pay a visit at Isaia’s showroom on the 5th Avenue. A while ago I wrote about the collection as it was seen at Pitti Uomo for the first time, so I’m not gonna go there that much again but you can find my review and more pics from here. Although whereas the presentation at Pitti concentrated highly on the sportswear and casual selection, it was great to see the whole ensemble featuring also the more business- ja formal-oriented side of the line at the showroom. Here’s few outtakes in terms of what will be seen during next fall and winter. Bold patterns (as usual), mixture of...

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Off to NYC

It’s been years since my last (and so far only) visit in New York. This week heading back to spend few days with #menswear, burgers, friends and sports. In terms of shops to visit and places to see listing all of them would be impossible. However there are few places I’m really looking forward to visit during the week; some because of the selection, some because of the atmosphere and overall aesthetics, some because of the people and some because of all these… Carson Street Clothiers Eidos, AMI, Buttero, Barena, MAN1924 etc.. The brand list itself would make CSC worth a visit. However there’s so much more in this SoHo located shop that just celebrated it’s first “birthday”. Sharing the same educational...

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