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Pitti Uomo 86 - time to go again

Time again to pack the bags, take the plane and hit Florence for Pitti Uomo. This time it will be the fair number 86.

Although the weather reports are not very promising and it’s likely to be raining at least for the first days, I’m looking forward to see what the week will bring.

Just to name a few, the premier of Lardini x Nick Wooster collection, Tombolini celebrating their 50th anniversary and The GIGI presenting their first ever summer collection are all occasions definitely worth keeping an eye on. And that’s what I will be doing.

I will try to come up with quick updates here - if not daily, at least couple of times during the week. Also keep an eye on where I will cover some sneak peek of collections and daily happenings.

In addition to that there will be live updates on instagram - follow @dresslikea and @tyylitfi and also at Facebook.

In case you do not have an instagram account or you just don’t want to be watching your phone all the time, there will also be a “live feed” in cooperation with Ohituskaistalla-blog and Vaatturiliike Sauma which will cover our updates from the fair. 

The feed can be found from here - @tyylitmaailmalla. Check it out.

And finally some inspirational pics from last summer…






(pics courtesy of Tommy Ton)

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