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Next up - Pitti Uomo 88

It's time to to fly again. Pitti Uomo 88 will start on Tuesday and we are gonna be around.

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As usual I will try to come up with quick updates showing the sneak peeks from the fair here - if not daily, at least couple of times during the week.

Also keep an eye on where we will as well try and cover some daily happenings during the week.

There will be live updates on instagram - @dresslikea and @tyylitfi and also at Facebook. In addition to this I definitely recommend to follow my better half @mhsandberg - especially in case you want to get a "women perspective" from the fair.

And finally you can keep an eye on #tyylitmaailmalla - a site that brings together pics and content from our trip - conducted in collaboration with the guys at Vaatturiliike Sauma and the blog Ohituskaistalla. The same hashtag also works on instagram.

Best of Pitti Uomo 86

Before we start to see flooding streams of street style shots taken outside and inside Fortezza da Basso walls, a few of my personal favorites from last summer.
Antonio and Quentin of Eidos Napoli at Pitti Uomo 86
Man 1924 at Pitti Uomo 86
Jens from A.W Bauer at Pitti Uomo 86
Antonio and Quention of Eidos Napoli
Sarrah Candee of Isaia
Dag of Saman Amel at Pitti Uomo 86
And one more time what I wore last summer myself...
Suitsupply royal blue suit and Christian Kimber pocket square
Alfred Sargent midnight blue single monks
Lardini double-breasted jacket with Finealta trousers and Isaia chambray shirt
Details - Berg and Berg brown linen tie
Gabo Napoli linen blazer and Berg&Berg linen tie

After Pitti Uomo we will continue to Milan and from there to Lake Como to have a little vacation. So there is some nice shots and content to come for sure..

To keep yourself warm and ready for the week- take a look at the posts from the earlier fairs and related to getting ready for this summer.

Pics courtesy of Tommy Ton (GQ) and Neil Watson (for

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