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Casentino wool overcoat by Tagliatore - Purchase of the week

My new Casentino wool overcoat by Tagliatore

Casentino in a nutshell

Casentino is traditional method of processing wool. This thick wool cloth was firstly produced in the Casentino valley of Tuscany near the Sanctuary of La Verna already back in the 14th century. In the first place rough but warm casentino wool came in brown and dark grey. It was used for monks' habits, to cover animals and was worn by peasants. In the mid 19th century with the industrial revolution production in the area picked up along the Staggia river, which powered hydraulic machines. As they experimented in synthetic colouring, an error led to the creation of a bright orange wool that then became characteristic of the casentino fabric. With time casentino became very fashionable. By the 1950s the fabric was high fashion. It was worn by aristocrats and actors as a symbol of Italian fashion.
Drake's London - green casentino wool overcoat
The characteristic lies on the surface of casentino cloth. The surface makes it warm, waterproof and resistant. Though at first glance it may seem to be piling. This effect was originally done by a manual carding process using dried thistles inserted inside the loom. Later the industrial process replaced thistles with a machine called the ratinatrice (friezing machine).
Agyesh Madan wearing casentino wool peacoat

Casentino wool is back in the game

In the  last years and seasons Casentino has had a bit of a revival especially in womenswear. Regarding #menswear the comeback was really seen on last January at Pitti Uomo. Casentino coats took over the streets of Florence. But it was not only the guys walking along the streets. Collections also presented for this fall carried multiple variations of the cloth. When those collections hit the stores I bet it will become more or less a trend in the scene. On the other hand some might say that I'm a bit late with my purchase as this was already seen last year. Still I think it will take a while before casentino really hits the streets as a trend here in Helsinki. It is clear this is not fabric for everyone's taste.
Casentino wool - combined with floral print scarf

Tagliatore doublebreasted overcoat

I've been looking for a new overcoat for a while. Last week I got a message that Sauma had got some new additions to their fall and winter selection from Tagliatore. I saw the jacket on the window last Friday and yesterday I had time to stop by and try it on.
Tagliatore double-breasted overcoat at Sauma
The jacket is double-breasted as most of the casentino coats actually are. In terms of color it is pretty much between sand and camel. With the exception of the sleeves it fit me like a glove. So I had no choice than pull the trigger. I believe this will serve me great during the rainy and windy days that are coming. Kind of funny is that I know Anton just purchased the same coat. So there will be two of these on the streets in the future. Just need to keep each other informed not to wear it on the same days.
Tagliatore Casentino wool overcoat - lapels
Casentino wool overcoat by Tagliatore - details

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