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Tagliatore spring and summer 2015

This weeks dose of spring inspiration comes from Italian Tagliatore. Those who are familiar with the name know that in addition to fabric treatments and high quality production processes the strength of the company lies especially on the innovative and distinctive designs by the head designer Pino Lerario.Tagliatore SS ´15 - bold pieces combined with restrainedWhen it comes to sport coats and jackets Tagliatore is known for their bold checks, windowpanes and relatively wide and impressive lapels. The collection for this spring and summer makes no exception although the look book for the season features a lot of plain shades of blue and red of which the latter draws inspiration from the old wineries of Puglia.If you can get yourself...

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Tagliatore fall and winter 2014 - Go bold with patterns

As an inspiration boost for the weekend a quick look into the fall and winter collection for this season by Italian Tagliatore. The garments designed by Tagliatore - its head designer Pino Lerario to be exact - get their inspiration from the Italian and Neapolitan classic tailoring but are enriched with special and personal accessories. Even though Tagliatore is still quite an unknown name for many - among those who know - it is regarded as one of the top names in terms of fabric treatments, production processes, innovation and design. And when all this is combined with a decent price range it is no surprise that the brand arouses interest. Bold patterned sport coats For this season the collection of Tagliatore seems to...

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Casentino wool overcoat and grey flannel - throwback Thursday

For a little Thursday evening throwback an outfit from last week featuring some Casentino wool and flannel. As can be seen from the pictures, we had a real winter and snow here in Helsinki for a while, which at the moment seems to be gone again though. Casentino overcoat by Tagliatore Even though for some it might look just like a fabric gone ruined - Casentino can be considered as a classic choice for overcoat material and for the last couple of fall and winter seasons it seems many producers have been thinking that way. Here shown as a double-breasted version by Italian Tagliatore in light brown (camel) color, featuring peak lapels and patch pockets. Although the coat might be a little light...

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Vaatturiliike Sauma - web store now open

Finally (just in time before the black Friday and Christmas) it has happened as Sauma just today opened their web shop @ The selection of the web store covers most of the items available at the store though there are some exceptions. For example shoes and accessories are excluded at this point. The brand selection includes names (and pieces) that partly are not so commonly and widely found online such and Gran Sasso, Sonrisa and Berwich. In addition there are sport coats by Lardini, overcoat and suits by Tagliatore outerwear by Herno and knits by John Smedley.   Congrats to Olli and Tuomo for the launch and congrats for everyone that now are able to get their share from their selection....

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Casentino wool overcoat by Tagliatore - Purchase of the week

Casentino in a nutshell Casentino is traditional method of processing wool. This thick wool cloth was firstly produced in the Casentino valley of Tuscany near the Sanctuary of La Verna already back in the 14th century. In the first place rough but warm casentino wool came in brown and dark grey. It was used for monks' habits, to cover animals and was worn by peasants. In the mid 19th century with the industrial revolution production in the area picked up along the Staggia river, which powered hydraulic machines. As they experimented in synthetic colouring, an error led to the creation of a bright orange wool that then became characteristic of the casentino fabric. With time casentino became very fashionable. By the 1950s the fabric was high fashion. It was worn...

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