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Q&A - menswear for beginners

"Hi, uhmm I was just wondering if you have any tips for a beginner in terms of menswear. Not really sure how or where to start and not exactly on the highest of budgets. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I love your page btw"

First of all thanks. And as the question is pretty broad, here are first 5 short points to consider.

- "Buy less - buy better". Don't rush but also buy nothing just because it's cheap or on sale. On the other hand some basic stuff such as shirts, jeans and knitwear can be found even pretty easily with a lower budget as well if you look for the right places. Pay attention especially to shoes and jackets. Most of all pay attention to the fit.

- Start by investing your money on some more "classic" stuff (such as white and light blue button-ups, navy blue blazer, white t-shirts, basic navy or light blue denim and chino trousers in beige or olive green) which will give you good foundation to build up the wardrobe.

- Play safe in terms of colors and start with options that are versatile and easy to combine (shades of blue, grey and brown). Spice them up with seasonal additions such as burnt orange, bottle green or burgundy. Regarding color combinations - you can read my earlier post "about colors - what goes with what"

- To find inspiration, here are some blogs I do follow (the list might need some updating though). Check them out to find the style that pleases you the most. But remember that when it comes to developing your own style, you always need to separate finding inspiration and copying one's style.

- Finally, take your time to find out what you like, don't rush. Personal taste will evolve and change - it's just natural.

image image

Couple of my all-time favorite pictures to demonstrate the points above (quality, fit, materials, color-coordination and inspiration), courtesy of Alan See of The Armoury.

Tips from the archives

I've also earlier wrote about "dressing up on a budget" and "how to start to be classy" which both include ideas to the same kind of questions such as this, so be sure to check them out as well.

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