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Agyesh Madan - a product developer

One of the best - or well, the best thing that has come into my life through #menswear and blogging is the opportunity to meet new people and making new friends. Giving the fact most of guys are living in different parts of the world you might not see them very often but there are guys you come to be friends for good. Today I talk about one of those guys, Agyesh Madan. I started my tumblr late 2011 and in fact at that time I could not even dream about the experiences or people it would bring along. One of the "earliest memories" in terms of my tumblr relates to Pitti Uomo 82 which was the first fair in...

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People behind the Industry (part II) - Michael Hill

The second part of DressLikeA series “People behind the Industry” is about Michael Hill, the Creative Director of Drake’s London - one of most well-known and probably my favorite maker of men’s accessories. I had the pleasure to meet Michael at Pitti Uomo last January and recently he was kind enough to take his time to answer few questions to help you figure out who is this man at the moment running the traditional brand of Drake’s. 1) “Who are you”? Michael Hill, Creative Director for Drake's. I went to the London College of Fashion, which is where I got my formal academic training. Before that, however, I worked at a few silk mills in Italy and at Drumohr, all of which...

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