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Pitti Uomo 86 day II - Shades of brown and blue

While Pitti Uomo in Florence I had a chance to do three quick shoots featuring days 1, 2 and 3 with Neil Watson of A&H Magazine. Credit and hat tip to Neil, a dear friend and one of the most talented guys there is for perfectly capturing the details. Here is the set from day 2.
Lardini double-breasted blazer with Berwich trousers
Checked blazer with brown linen tie
Mismo bag with suede tassel loafers
Lardini keychain with Berwich trousers

Shades of brown and blue - Lardini blazer with Berwich trousers

Brown and blue and their different tones are maybe the most easy colors to combine together. The light and dark brown shades of brown in shoes and tie are here brought together with different tones of blue featured in the shirt, jacket, bag, pocket square and again in the shoes as contrasting color. As the fall comes and days get colder one might want to change the trousers to a bit more dark colored pair (as denim for example) but in the heat of 30°C there's really no option that could compete with white cotton slacks. I am wearing a double-breasted, unlined checked blazer by Lardini and white cotton slacks from Berwich. The made-to-measure chambray shirt is from Isaia Napoli and brown herringbone patterned linen tie from Berg&Berg. Finally a tote bag by Mismo, keychain from Lardini and suede loafers by Christian Kimber. Pics courtesy of TSBmen and A&H Magazine, shot by Neil Watson.

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