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Time for fall ties




Seasonal features

Even though it’s still surprisingly warm here in Finland, prelude of September is a good time to start looking at the seasonal pieces for the fall. And as I today came by the pictured ties (that I purchased last spring from Gant “sample sale” but that haven’t yet been used even once) while going through my closet I thought neckwear might be a good choice to begin with.

Having “seasonal ties” is not in any case a must and there’s definitely no problem wearing one’s basic rotation of silk ties (including knit ties, grenadines and shantung for example) through the year. But having some seasonal additions is a good and easy way to make the selection a bit more lively and interesting.

So what makes a tie to be a good “fall tie”? There are few features that you may want to consider but in general I’d say you may want to look for warm colors, simple patterns with intense texture, and a bit “softer” fabrics. 


Regarding fall, most of seasonal ties should be made (at least in some part) of wool. And of course there’s not just one type of wool but many options to choose from such as 1) different kind of flannels that are in a way more soft, having a “brushed” look, 2) tweeds (to combine with more rough sport coats and shirts), 3) wool challis that’s more soft woven wool well suited to printing archival neats and motifs and 4) different blends of silk and wool. 

Colorwise solid colors are a safe choice but when playing with plain wool I think one should go with fabrics that have a bit of more texture, some slightly mottled weave or some herringbone pattern in them. In case you want to play with more bold choices, try some geometric patterns, checks or windowpanes.


Another choice besides wool is to go for cashmere, which makes the ties in general more luxurious as well as more pricey. Usually cashmere ties come in solid & vivid colors and as any piece of cashmere, ties made of it are comfortable to wear and soft to touch. All in all a nice change from the ordinary and also very chic - a choice I’m personally really fond of.




Silks and autumn

Third option is, as said in the beginning to go with your normal silk ties. In case you don’t like wool or cashmere and want to stay with silk but still would like to add some seasonal touch to your outfits in terms of accessories you can do it by just keeping the colors autumnal e.g go with burgundy, bottle green, rich and more darker tones of brown or even purple and orange that can be great for fall inspiration.

Where to get?

And here are some places to take a look when searching for seasonal ties this fall.

Low priced: The Tie Bar

Mid-tier: Sam Hober Berg&Berg

High-end: Drake’s Panta Clothing Vanda Fine Clothing

The ties pictured are made of wool by Gant (&Sons).

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