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My wish list for Santa

It's almost Christmas again. This year I am not gonna write any kind of "gift guide lists" but instead - like last year - I decided to do a short write-up considering my own wish list for this Christmas. In other words listing of products or things what I'd like to buy for myself. Of course one can read this also as a set of "tips what to buy". So take a look this "DressLikeA"-wish list in case you haven't yet got any ideas and are still looking for something to get for your friends, parents or for your partner.

Skincare, grooming products and fragrances

Taking care of your body, skin, hair and scent are at least as important as taking care of your clothes. Be sure not to underestimate the meaning of good skincare & grooming products and the way they can make you feel.

When choosing a product one need to pay attention to the skin and hair type, the environment in which one is living, and the climate where the product will be used. In case you're buying a gift to someone else, try to keep in mind and be informed what's the right kind of product you're looking for.

That being said, I like to think that these kind of products are not just individual products but also a part of your bathroom and home "decoration". So it's definitely not insignificant how the products you're using look like. To be strict, that's pretty much one of the most important things when making the decision. I personally like packages, cans and bottles that are simple, reduced and "sophisticated".

And here are three brands I've lately - more or less - kept on my radar.


Malin + Goetz is a family-owned-and-operated business - launched in NYC in 2004 - focusing on the needs of women and men with sensitive skin. In addition to skincare and grooming products they also have a selection of "home products" such as scent candles and room fragrances. I need to admit I'm a fan as I really like the idea, concept and simple aesthetics of the brand. Malin + Goetz skincare

Prospector Co.

By their own words, Prospector Co. is a product line for those who seek purpose and forethought in their skin and shave products. What began with pre-shave, post-shave and no-shave formulas for men has expanded to include wares for women, as well as categories in organic shaving, personal fragrance and interior scents, body creams and cleansers. All Prospector products are free of harmful additives, artificial fragrances or colorings, using only quality, natural ingredients with discerning scent and archival influence. Prospector Co shaving products

Acqua di Parma

In terms of men's fragrance brands Acqua di Parma is probably one of the most famous and well-known. In addition to fragrances the Italian lifestyle company - founded in 1916 -  produces for example skincare products, candles and leather accessories. All of its ranges are exclusively made in Italy. And from the range one can for sure find a fragrance for every taste. And if you are fond of a bit more light fragrances - like myself - take a look at their Blu Mediterraneo range. Acqua di Parma skincare

Cashmere - in all its forms

Who would not like (love) cashmere.

As probably most of you know, the word "cashmere" comes from Kashmir, a region located in northern India. In short, cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fiber obtained from cashmere goats and other types of goat. In terms of usage fibers are first removed with a comb from under the goat's chin. After that fibers are spun into a filament ready to be woven or knitted. Cashmere is one of the most sleek, soft and luxurious natural fibers there is. On the other hand it is also more brittle and vulnerable than many other type of wools.

In general cashmere as a material makes any garment (tie, pullover, socks or a blanket for example) to be more luxurious as well as more pricey. Personally I'm definitely fond of for example knitwear made of cashmere as those are not just "chic" but comfortable to wear. They are soft to touch and overall a nice change from the ordinary wool or cotton options.

  Cashmere tie - dark grayCashmere tie - DressLikeA gift guide

Drake's London shawl collar cardigan

Some things doesn't change. Shawl collar cardigan is one of the garments in men's wardrobe that's appropriate through the year (read more about the use of shawl collar cardigan). Probably everyone has something they every year wrote to the list that was sent to Santa Claus but Santa never delivered.  The shawl collar cardigan has been on my wishlist for quite a while now. It was on my list last year as well but I still haven't got one. The search for the right one is still on.

If I got to choose this luxurious and iconic Drake's cardigan knitted from the finest ribbed four-ply ribbed cashmere would be the one. Unfortunately the price tag is on pair with grail status.  But I hope dear Santa hears my wishes.

  Shawl collar cashmere cardigan - DressLikeA gift guide Gray cashmere shawl collar cardigan

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