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3x suede loafers for summer




In my opinion, (suede) loafer is the ultimate summer shoe. 

Loafers in general, especially penny loafer is a model that is a classic but has also become increasingly popular among footwear manufacturers (and #menswear aficionados) recently.

One of the best features when talking about loafers is the versatility as they can be combined with shorts in summer on one day and paired with a suit on another. Some wear them sockless some add personal style by using socks with multiple colors and patterns. Finally some want their loafers in brown calf leather so that they can create a nice patina, some prefer suede and for one black patent leather is the right choice.

As said, loafers are a perennial menswear classic and no matter what your style is, there’s basically a loafer for every type of guy. The shoe is a staple for guys in love with the sleek Italian style, essential part of the Ivy League uniform and finally everyday choice for casual oriented streetwear homies.

All in all loafers are really shoes to be worn - as practical as they are stylish.

In terms of loafers, this summer I will personally be rolling most of days with 3 pair rotation, all suede. To demonstrate the versatility of the model, all these 3 pairs can easily be worn not only with denim and shorts but cotton slacks and even suits as well.

Can’t really name a favorite but I bet all these will get their fare share of my attention this summer.


Christian Kimber Lemongrass loafer


Carmina (uetam) string loafer (via Sauma)


Meermin snuff suede penny loafer (via their mto-programme)

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