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5 x sport coats for fall part II

Earlier this week I wrote shortly about sport coats for fall and winter (you can find the post here). I know that most of the jackets featured in the first part can be beyond reach for many thanks to high prices. Therefore I decided to take a quick look to some options suitable in case looking a blazer with a bit lower budget.

Sport coats on budget

Fact is that there are not many brands / manufacturers making quality sport coats with a low retail price. SuitSupply is one and then there's brands such as Land's End, J.Crew, Club Monaco, Massimo Dutti and Boggi but some of these can be hard to get in case you are living in certain countries and in some it's at least arguable if the quality really is on pair with the retail price after all. So basically the option is either to wait for sales (and take the risk that you might not get the jacket you wanted in the first place) or to try and look for websites (outlets) selling pieces (from mainly previous collections) with prices much more affordable. For shops worth taking a look - check here. There is also a thread where there's listed multiple web shops with great selection. Finding the right piece might be a bit more hard this way but it will sure be rewarding. One of the negative things regarding these sites is that based on the pics they've got you can never know how the garments will really look or how it should fit. So my advice is to stay with the labels / brands you already know and minimize the risks.

5x sport coat for fall with lower budget

Finally picked 5 different options available with a budget under 400 euros. image

1) Light brown herringbone sport coat

Who says one can't wear light shades during fall and winter? A jacket featuring 3-roll-2 buttoning, soft shoulders and mix of cotton and wool together with herringbone pattern goes perfectly with corduroy or a bit more heavier cotton slacks. Brando via Yoox image

2) Windowpane suit jacket

If you are on budget, one option is to try to find a suit where the jacket and trousers can be also used as separates. If you choose to go on this path try to avoid suits with heavily padded and strongly constructed jackets, light (worsted) wool fabrics or "business-oriented" patterns such as chalk or pinstripes. It's also good to remember that with this option you might run into the problem of your pants and jacket soiling and wearing at different rates which could in the end make them impossible to wear as a suit. And that's something you don't want. A good option in case looking a "casual suit" that goes for office but can be used as separates could be a blue one made of wool and featuring a subtle check pattern and patch pockets. Hudson fit by SuitSupply image

3) Navy wool blazer

There are many different kind of blue blazers and when I'm talking about sport coats - I nowadays always come up with an option featuring patch pockets, shoulders padded as light as possible and fabric with a subtle texture. More important than the details is making sure that you choose a fabric that compliments the garments you going to use the jacket with. With denim one can go with for example a mixture of cotton and wool (maybe jersey) and in case you are looking a jacket to be worn in the office with your flannel trousers choose a jacket made of wool that is on pair with the weight and texture with them. Cantarelli via Yoox image

4) Gray houndstooth pattern sport coat

Dark grey is a popular color for suits but you don't really see it that often featured in sport coats. In my opinion a dark (grey) colored sport coat is at its best when featuring a little texture (and maybe some kind of a pattern) on the fabric (so that it will not be confused to be an odd suit jacket) and combined with very simple garments such as white button-ups and other colored (dark blue, light grey or even off-white) flannel slacks. Tagliatore via Yoox image

5) Bold pattern sport coat

For some reason this is the second f/w season in a row that I'm in favor for a bit more bold patterns and checks. When wearing a jacket with a bold pattern, remember to pay attention to the way you combine it and accessorize your outfit. First of all - always keep the amount of different patterns in one outfits under four. Secondly, avoid wearing patterns of same scale in size in one outfit. And thirdly - if you're not sure that the patterns you are going to combine goes well together, don't do it. Havana fit by SuitSupply Read more about combining patterns and sport coats from here (a post from last fall).

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