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Patterned sport coat for the fall

Whereas in terms of suits my main principle and recommendation is to play safe and stay with staple and easy choices such as plain gray and dark blue fabrics - regarding sport coats and sports jackets different patterns and textures are a great way to add some character and personality to your rotation. Every man needs a navy blue blazer but after that I would say it is totally appropriate and even advisable to invest in quality sport coats with some classic but still vibrant patterns in seasonal fabrics and textures. To keep an eye on the forthcoming fall and winter season a few words about how to play with patterned sport coats. Brown wool sport coat with a navy...

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5x sport coats for summer ´15

It seems that we are finally getting summer here in Scandinavia as well and at the same time sale seasons are already knocking on the door. Mr. Porter for example already started summer sale on their American website and if everything goes as usual, Europe will follow in a couple of weeks.However, just because the weather keeps getting warm and sun starts shining more and more does not mean you shouldn't wear a jacket. It just means you should swap out your lined, all-weather, dark colored heavy wool and flannel suits and sport coats for something that's a bit more easy and lightweight. That means unlined, unstructured jackets with more casual details such as patch pockets and 3-roll-2 button closure....

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5 x sport coats for fall part II

Earlier this week I wrote shortly about sport coats for fall and winter (you can find the post here). I know that most of the jackets featured in the first part can be beyond reach for many thanks to high prices. Therefore I decided to take a quick look to some options suitable in case looking a blazer with a bit lower budget.   Sport coats on budget Fact is that there are not many brands / manufacturers making quality sport coats with a low retail price. SuitSupply is one and then there's brands such as Land's End, J.Crew, Club Monaco, Massimo Dutti and Boggi but some of these can be hard to get in case you are living in...

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5x sport coats for fall part I

The sport coat is probably the most variable garment in men’s wardrobe - if you just choose the right one. It’s respectable and decent but not stuffy, it can usually be dressed up or down quite easily depending on how one pairs it and there’s hardly a circumstance for which a sport coat not appropriate. To put it shortly, there are some points to consider when looking for a jacket. There shouldn't be any pulls or puckers along the front or back of the jacket when wearing it, the sleeves should be free of any ripples when the arms are naturally hanging down, and the jacket should in general have clean lines all around. These “rules” apply no matter if...

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