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Caruso sport coat with Berwich trousers - Italian casual

Today taking a look of how to wear a light colored patterned sport coat with light colored trousers. What to consider when both main parts of the outfit are quite light in color. 

There really ain't any "rules" of "how to wear a sport coat with patterned fabrics". But in general one should keep in mind - the bigger, bold and vivid the pattern, the smaller is the potential for the jacket being used in formal or business oriented combinations. On the other hand with a sport coat featuring slight windowpane or prince of wales-check one can easily and imperceptibly "dress up"otherwise casual ensembles such as cotton slacks and button-up shirt or a roll neck sweater. Also, an unstructured jacket with a subtle pattern is an appropriate choice to be combined as well with more formal flannel slacks as it is with casual denim jeans. Sport coat with roll neck sweater and cotton slacks

Prince of Wales patterned sport coat by Caruso

As Sauma was having their final sales for summer season in August I came up with the sport coat featured here – a light weight wool jacket with subtle prince of wales overcheck made by Italian Caruso. I had actually seen (and tried) it many times before as the jacket is actually from collection for spring and summer 2012 (if I remember correct) but fortunately they still happened to have it left in my size. I have been keeping an eye for quite a while but finally I decided to pull the trigger.

Sport coat with roll neck sweater and cotton slacks

The color of the jacket is somewhere between light sand and gray with light blue and brown overcheck. It is unlined and features two patch pockets, 3-roll-2 buttoning and soft shoulders. So basically it has pretty much all the same features than most of jackets in my rotation. The reason for this is simple. Sport coats and blazers with these features are in my opinion most versatile and easiest to combine with different kind of outfits. And the same applies with this jacket. Combined with white cotton slacks and dark blue merino wool roll neck sweater the jacket is a perfect choice for semi-casual weekend brunch or dinner. On the other hand with dark gray flannel trousers, white button-up shirt and dark blue grenadine tie it is totally appropriate for any business meeting.

In general I like Caruso as it is one of those brands of which garments fits me extremely well. Their jackets are a bit longer than jackets by many other Italian brands and the fit is in general a bit more loose and not snug in any way.

pocket square details by Viola Milano

Orange colored pocket square to bring a little bit of color and contrast to otherwise restrained outfit.

Checked sport coat details

Pattern matching 4/5.

Wearing white trousers in autumn

I know there are many who dislike the idea of wearing white trousers in autumn (or during winter season). I also know there are many who think one shouldn’t be wearing loafers without socks in September. A bit over a week – I did both. At the same time. Of course it should be noted that this was possible thanks to unusually warm and sunny September weather.

Checked sport coat with white trousers

Jacket, trousers and knitwear - all made in Italy.


Sport coat: Caruso Roll neck: Berg&Berg Trousers: Berwich

Pocket square: Sand Copenhagen Shoes: Christian Kimber

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